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About us

ASU Prep Digital is a college prep option where online high school and university courses converge in a unique learning opportunity for all students. This rigorous virtual school program prepares students for acceptance at leading universities and encourages them to explore future college majors and careers in an increasingly interconnected environment.

We support districts in Arizona, while serving students around the world.

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University partners

ASU Prep Digital is part of ASU Preparatory Academy, an innovative and thriving PreK-12 school started by Arizona State University. ASU Prep Academy has grown to serve more than 2,300 students at four campuses in Arizona.

We strive to equip each of our students with the knowledge and training to graduate high school and be successful in college. We believe that a strong college-going community is imperative for the success of our students, our community and our global society.

We believe that every student can achieve a post-secondary education, and have designed our coursework and mentorship programs to make sure that belief becomes a reality.

ASU Charter

ASU is a comprehensive public research university, measured not by whom we exclude, but rather by whom we include and how they succeed; advancing research and discovery of public value; and assuming fundamental responsibility for the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the communities it serves.

 ASU advantages

Our ASU Prep Digital students are part of a university ranked #1 for innovation.
Students have access to the unique opportunities and world-class resources of ASU.

Get a head start

  • Take college-level classes and earn credit while still in high school.

  • Streamline your college application by receiving VIP admission to ASU.

  • Save time with our flexible part-time and full-time programs that can fit into any schedule.

  • Work at your own pace with cutting-edge digital tools that personalize learning and keep you moving forward.

  • Build a competitive portfolio and publish your work on the student blog.

Explore college

  • Test drive college majors and receive high school elective course credits at the same time.

  • Ease into the college experience by participating in ASU’s student events and programs.

  • Expand your learning network with mentoring from university students and faculty.

  • Get a taste of ASU campus life and work with leading professionals during optional summer internship programs.

  • Leverage access to the world-renowned ASU Library of digital resources.

  • Get your hands on the latest innovative tech tools being developed at ASU.

  • Earn incentives that can be used to buy ASU Sun Devil gear.

Plan your future

  • Prepare for 21st century careers with access to the latest innovative tools and research advancements made at ASU.

  • Meet with ASU Alumni during lunch-and-learn sessions.

  • Learn to thrive beyond the classroom with our leadership training and emotional intelligence programs, such as me3.

  • Develop civic responsibility through relevant and real-world, project-based learning.

  • Expand your collegiate and professional network with access to ASU’s global community.


Julie Young

CEO, ASU Prep Digital | Deputy Vice President of ASU Educational Outreach

Julie has been celebrated as an education disruptor for nearly three decades. She was the founding CEO and president of Florida Virtual School, the world’s first state-wide virtual school and one of the nation’s largest K-12 online education provider. When not leading international school programs, you’ll find her at the nearest beach with several golden retrievers.

Amy McGrath

Chief Operating Officer, ASU Prep Digital | Associate Vice President of ASU Educational Outreach

Amy has been exploring education innovation and personalized learning for more than ten years with her efforts in school design, marketing strategy and educational policy. She is dedicated to educational reform and instructional choice for all students. She is also a fan of all things soccer and chasing her children and chickens around her yard.

Cecilia Lopez

Senior Officer Global Sales & Relations

Cecilia is an influential education industry veteran who once received the Most Powerful and Influential Woman Award from the National Diversity Council. When not helping districts with their online learning needs, she’s cooking up something spicy for family and friends.

Wendy Oliver

Senior Learning Architect

Wendy started the first state-wide online school in Tennessee and is incredibly passionate about building tech tools that students actually enjoy. She is an avid reader and an even more avid mom to her 5-year-old.

Dana Van Deinse

Executive Director of Partnerships

Dana is an educator, principal and online learning expert from Arizona who loved digital and blended learning before it was cool. She finds creative ways to support families and help their kids get on the path to college. She is also an avid hiker and kayaker who travels to a beach anytime she can.

Todd Jones

Senior Global Business Development Officer

Todd turned public education on its head when he brought private sector strategic thinking to the public school system in 2000. After years of leveraging new technologies to address business challenges for companies like United Airlines, General Electric, and Burger King, this former Accenture/Cambridge Technology Partners leader committed himself to improving education for kids worldwide.

Jill Rogier

Executive Director

Jill Rogier loves that online education gives students the opportunity to learn how they learn best, and at their own pace. As an experienced leader and educator in online learning, Jill brings passion for our vision and love for our students.  In her spare time, Jill is an avid globe-trotter having traveled to 10 countries including her two favorite trips of all time, China and Italy.



Michael Horn


Michael Horn speaks and writes about the future of education and works with a portfolio of education organizations to improve the life of each and every student. He co-founded the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, a non-profit think tank where he is a distinguished fellow; and serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for Entangled Ventures, an education technology studio. When he is not reinventing education, he is trying to keep up with his twin girls.


John Bailey


John Bailey serves as an advisor to entrepreneurs, investors, and government leaders to help them navigate emerging issues presented by globalization and disruptive technologies. He is a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Fellow, a Walton Family Foundation Fellow, and served as a senior program officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. John is on the board of directors for the Data Quality Campaign and previously served as a domestic policy advisor in the White House, Deputy Policy Director to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, and Director of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education. Though he is a master strategist, his Bernese Mountain Dog, Bentley, runs his house.

John Watson


John Watson is founder of the Evergreen Education Group, which focuses on digital education research and advising and has been studying the K12 online and blended learning field for 18 years. Evergreen has conducted research for, and advised, school districts, NGOs, foundations, companies, state agencies, and charter school commissions.


Alison Hernandez

Math Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? I enjoy seeing the growth of my students over the course of a school year. It goes beyond just teaching the math-it is about making a personal connection with my students.  What is something interesting about you? On my bucket list is to be a contestant on a game show. Growing up, I always watched game shows with my grandmother and parents. I auditioned for College Jeopardy at Sony Pictures Studio in California where they film the show!

April Neudenberger

Lead Science Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? Inspiring a new generation of young adults in STEM-related fields. Chemistry is fascinating because it is considered the central science, and without it, we could not ask the question, “What are the constituents of matter?” Mathematical properties describe how atoms react together and interactions between atoms are mechanical, which closely relates to physics and all other fields of science. What is something interesting about you? I was born in Anchorage, Alaska. I have traveled to every state in the U.S. except Hawaii and over 20 countries. I strive to expand my mind each day because I love to learn new things.


Ashley Crane

German Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? When students tell me that learning German is fun and interesting! What is something interesting about you? I taught English in Austria and traveled throughout most of western Europe.

Becky Quigley

Math Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? I enjoy making math accessible to all students and helping them find the beauty in mathematics. What is something interesting about you? I don’t know if I’d call it interesting, but it’s rare to find me without a math book in my possession. My current book is “Weapons of Math Destruction”. I also have a math journal that I keep handy just in case I see a real world math problem in action.

Brenda Skoczelas

Science Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? Sharing my passion and love for science with my students. I have the awesome opportunity to help them understand how the Universe works! What is something interesting about you? I have raced motorcycles!

Carolee Heidenreich

Math Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? I really enjoy math and I love helping students understand it because when they do, they enjoy it too. I like how math can relate to pretty much everything in our daily lives and solutions can be found in more than just one way. What is something interesting about you? I was a competitive jump-roper for 8 years!

CJ Raidy

Algebra 1 Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? I love connecting algebra topics to problems we face daily and seeing the students get “a-ha” moments of understanding because math and logic can apply to every content area. What is something interesting about you? I was a track and field athlete at ASU. During my time competing, I won the Pac-10 title in the discus throw in 2010 and 8th place at the NCAA, earning All-American honors.


Emily Hubbard Velez

History Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? I love learning! Teaching allows me to be constantly learning, in my content, from my students, and while I study for my content and my students. My favorite thing is hearing my students discuss intelligently and passionately on a topic they were only vaguely familiar with a few weeks ago. What is something interesting about you? I love to make lists, just so I can cross things off of them!

Emmy Ready

Spanish Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? I love how teaching Spanish is not just about verb drills. I like helping students understand the rich culture of the Spanish-speaking world and opening their eyes to a culture that exists both far away in other countries and right next door in the U.S. What is something interesting about you? I used to be a competitive speller as a child, and I reached the Virginia state spelling bee twice.


Irina Ebert

German / Latin Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? I love teaching Latin because there is always something new to learn and Ovid’s Metamorphoses because mythology is enigmatic. In German class, I love teaching about food specifically because the German cuisine is diverse and exciting. What is something interesting about you? I love eating ice cream for breakfast.


Kathleen Hofmaier

English Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? I get to experience the happiness of making a difference every day. Studying literature feeds our souls and the timeless themes of great works almost always resonate with the reader. The human condition remains fundamentally the same today as it was across the centuries, and there is a sense of comfort in reading the travails and joys of characters who share our same struggles. What is something interesting about you? I am an identical twin.


Kerri McMillen

History Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? I have a passion for teaching because I enjoy making a difference and inspiring a love of history, especially the moment when a student says, “Hey, I get it.” I love challenging students to think outside of their comfort zones to become innovative thinkers. I love pretty much everything about U.S. history, but I really enjoy teaching students about WWI, WWII and 1950s-1970s because it’s often a high interest area for students and results in great discussion. What is something interesting about you? I have a double-jointed thumb which is pretty unique because I can bend it all the way back to my hand.


Krystal Roberts

French Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? I love sharing my passion about French art and culture, especially when it excites my students as much as me. What is something interesting about you? When I was six years old I took piano lessons at the University of Utah and my mom overheard them call me a “child prodigy.” Even though I didn’t go the concert pianist route, it has influenced me a great deal. I started out as a music major in college, but eventually switched to humanities & French teaching, so that I could study music, art, literature, philosophy and the language.


Kymberly Winn

Biology Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? Helping students make connections with the awesome topics we discover. I love teaching about the entire study of life (biology) because it’s fascinating and changing constantly— what starts life, the different forms of life, and what future life may look like. What is something interesting about you? I am a huge Harry Potter fan and a member of a Slytherin-themed running club.


Lindsay Carr

Psychology Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? My favorite part of teaching is seeing students apply the material to better understand themselves and others while improving their life and community. What is something interesting about you? I am passionate about applying research in health psychology to promote healthy behavior!


Rachel Bodine Wurmlinger

Leadership Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? I love encouraging and empowering my students to always work hard, do their best, strive for success, and reach their goals. The most interesting aspects of Leadership and Entrepreneurship class are learning about the different types of leadership qualities and styles and how we can apply them to become great leaders and entrepreneurs. It is actually quite easy to learn how to be a great leader. What is something interesting about you? My high school basketball team won the ND state championship and I was named to the all-state basketball team.


Ren Du

Mandarin Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? Watching my students improve and grow, and growing with them. What is something interesting about you? I’ve lived on three different continents, and have taught students from over 15 countries.


Richard Alcantar

Spanish Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? I love interacting with students. What is something interesting about you? I apply a methodology called Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling. It is great because it makes a kind of game out of learning and yet maintains authenticity.

Saeeda Safi

Lead English Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? The students. Without a doubt, I enjoy interacting with and learning from our students. English is the portal to all subjects and without a strong grasp of reading comprehension, analysis, and writing skills, students would struggle in other subject areas. What is something interesting about you? I’ve lived in four different countries and visited two others. I went to an audition for Wheel of Fortune, the TV game show.


Samantha Manering

English Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? I like interacting with students and seeing their individual growth and progress. I am certified in multiple content areas and I like looking at the connection between two subjects. I like analyzing history for patterns as well as the social and historical reflections that can be found in literature. What is something interesting about you? Up until very recently, my family owned and operated the oldest restaurant in Chicago since 1881.


Sara Howell

Physics Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? Students are the best part of teaching – their unique personalities make my job fun!  What is something interesting about you? I’m a former marathon and ultra-marathon runner, with my longest run coming in at 67mi. Unfortunately, my knees no longer cooperate and allow me to run, but it was great fun when I was younger!

Stacey Epperson

Spanish Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? Helping students see the value in knowing more than one language. I love grammar because it’s like figuring out a puzzle. What is something interesting about you? My favorite food is chocolate.


Tomas Navarro

Biology / Forensics Teacher

What do you like most about teaching? What I am looking for most in students is that “a-ha” moment, when whatever concept they are working on or trying to understand, just clicks. The most interesting aspect of my content area is that every year, new species are being found and discovered. You would think in this day and age, we would have found everything. Also, modern humans have now had 100,000 years added to our emergence as a species. What is something interesting about you? I can play the flute, I once competed competitively in Crossfit, and I was a three-time Arizona State High School champion in track and field (shot put, discus). I also competed at Arizona State University in track and field in college with my sister CJ Raidy, who also teaches at ASU Prep Digital. I taught her everything she knows.


Administrative Staff

Anabel Fernandez

Admissions Advisor

What do you like most about your role? There are many reasons why I love being an admissions advisor! One being getting to talk to parents and students. Learning about them and their plans for continuing education. It’s absolutely gratifying to know that these young, bright and independent students are our future.  What is something interesting about you? I graduated from Arizona State University (Go Sun Devils!!!) with a degree in education and have had the opportunity to teach 5th grade.

Jamie Moran

Director of Operations

What do you like most about your role? Helping kids be successful. It’s measured differently with every kid, sometimes it’s about getting an A in the class, and sometimes it’s just completing the course so they can graduate. Helping every student see that they have a gift and encouraging them to keep on moving forward when it’s not fun or easy is what I love about teaching. What is something interesting about you? I sky-dived into the football stadium for the Sarasota High School homecoming.


Kate Castleman

Admissions Advisor

What do you like most about your role? I love sharing what ASU Prep Digital can offer students and families. It’s fun to know where our students are coming from and what lead them to online education. Every student has a different story and I enjoying learning about each of them.  What is something interesting about you? When our family moved homes in 2014 we were featured on an episode of HGTV’s House Hunters. It was a fun experience and a great keepsake to watch now that my boys have grown a bit since the filming.

Michael Kasper

Director of Academics

What do you like most about teaching? Interacting with students and building relevance between their daily lives and the history that came before them. I love how history affords us the ability to think critically about the past, present and future. While we can’t change history, we certainly can change our interpretation of it. What is something interesting about you? I once woke up in Germany, ate breakfast in France, lunch in Luxembourg, and had dinner in Belgium…all in the same day.


Michelle Pellizzeri

Admissions Advisor

What do you like most about your role? Providing students with an educational option that works best for them and learning about their gifts and interests. What is something interesting about you? I have 3 daughters and I’m an artist.


Stephanie Bulgrin

Blended Learning Specialist

What do you like most about your role? I love that students have an opportunity to learn at their own pace through blended learning and that I get to play a role as the Blended Learning Specialist in helping face-to-face facilitators and online teachers create an environment where students can thrive. What is something interesting about you? I am a total animal lover with cats being my favorite. Recently, I saved an injured stray cat, took him into my home, and made him my house cat even though I am extremely allergic to cats.


Tera Cox

Admissions Advisor

What do you like most about your role? I have over 10 years of classroom teaching experience, both brick and mortar and virtual. I think the option of online schooling is such a beneficial choice for the majority of students today. I love the technology and innovation ASU Prep Digital provides to students.  What is something interesting about you? Something interesting about me is that I am going to Spain, France, and Italy in October 2018!

Tracy Hansen

Admissions Advisor Manager

What do you like most about your role? I enjoy learning the stories of our students and families who are interested in ASU Prep Digital and offering a solution that meets their individual needs. The most interesting thing for me is that I am often the first point of contact when students and families show interest in our school. I love talking about what our program has to offer and how it prepares students for college and beyond. What is something interesting about you? I once worked in entertainment at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.


Learning Success Coaches

Jennifer Howard

Learning Success Coach

What do you like most about your role? I like to inspire my students to be life long learners. I enjoy teaching as it gives me the ability to make a difference in the lives of my students and share my enthusiasm for learning. Knowing that I play a role in developing a passion for learning, makes this wonderful profession even more rewarding. What is something interesting about you? I used to work in the TV news industry.

Julie Surina

Learning Success Coach

What do you love about your role? I love the fact that I am able to help students and families prepare for post secondary education. What is an interesting fact about you? When I was growing up I was a dancer, then I danced and cheered all through high school, college and as professional cheerleader for the Utah Jazz.

Leslie Easton

Learning Success Coach

What do you like most about your role? The students. What is something interesting about you? I really love llamas and alpacas. I think they are adorable and I love the fact that they dance when they are happy. It is my hope that one day I can go to Peru and dance around in a field of happy llamas.

May Huang

Learning Success Coach

What do you love about your role? This role affords me the opportunity to learn who my students are as people. I get a glimpse into what their stories, struggles, and hopes are. I most enjoy helping students learn about themselves and grow into who they want to be. What is an interesting fact about you? I love to cook, bake, sew, and be creative. It’s my dream to one day teach a Home Economics class.

University Professors

Dr. Michael E. Smith

Professor of Archaeology

Dr. Smith is a professor of archaeology at the School of Human Evolution & Social Change. He is currently the director of the ASU Teotihuacan Research Laboratory in Mexico and has led excavation projects at numerous Aztec sites. He has published 11 books and more than 100 articles on his research. One of his books, At Home With the Aztecs: An Archaeologist Uncovers Their Daily Life (2016), won the Best Popular Book Award from the Society for American Archaeology. He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and his ASU honors include the 2017 Zebulon Pearce Distinguished Teaching Award and the 2014 Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award. 

Dr. Michael Rubinoff

Dr. Michael Rubinoff

Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies

As a lecturer of leadership and interdisciplinary studies, Dr. Michael Rubinoff is an American historian in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts. Since joining the ASU faculty in 1997, he has taught dozens of online classes. Dr. Rubinoff sees American history as “a dramatic story; a nation made up from many cultures, peoples and countless individuals.” In his view, “American history can inspire as well as challenge us about sorting facts from fiction as we explore the nation’s past.” Previously, Dr. Rubinoff resided in Washington, D.C., where he interviewed many of the key figures who shaped recent American history. He also worked in administrative and writing capacities with Washington research organizations, and then was appointed deputy assistant secretary in the U.S. Department of Commerce. Dr. Rubinoff has been published widely in academic journals, books, reference works and newspapers.

Hannah Creviston

Hannah Creviston

Clinical Assistant Professor of Piano Pedagogy

Described as “impressive and expressive” (Fanfare Magazine) and “superb…[with] great dexterity, rhythm, and touch” (American Record Guide), Hannah Creviston is the clinical assistant professor of Piano Pedagogy, director of the Music Prep Program and coordinator of Class Piano at Arizona State University. She actively works as a researcher and presenter on the effects of music on children with autism. Prior to joining the ASU faculty in the fall of 2012, Creviston was on the faculty at the Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam. An avid performer of contemporary music, Creviston has premiered many compositions, both solo and collaborative. As an accompanist, she has performed in festivals and competitions around the world, and she performs regularly in a duo with her husband, saxophonist Christopher Creviston. Together, they have recorded Snell Sessions and Columbia Sessions, both on the Albany Records label, and Sunday Afternoon and Breaking available through CD Baby. 

Mary Erickson

Mary Erickson

School of Art

Mary Erickson earned her BFA from the University of Illinois and her MA and PhD from Ohio State University. She taught art in high school in Indiana and at a community college in Illinois. After teaching at a small university in Pennsylvania, she became a full-time professor at the School of Art in Arizona State University in 1990. She was U.S. Art Educator of the Year and served one year as visiting scholar at the Getty Institute in California. She is the author of numerous research studies focused primarily on how people of different ages and backgrounds understand and appreciate art both from their own and others’ cultures. She is currently collaborating with museum educators from five art museums in the Phoenix area to design interactive games for museum visitors. Her website is