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Summer Tutoring

Revolution Prep is offering $100 toward summer tutoring programs!  This offer is good through June 30th.

Summer School

High School Courses
Summer Session 1
•    Enrollment Period: for Summer Session 1:                         May 1 – May 31
•    Summer Session I Dates:                                              June 4 – June 29 (20 days)
Summer Session 2
•    Enrollment Period for Summer Session 2:                           May 1 – June 30
•    Summer Session 2 Dates:                                              July 9 – August 3 (20 days)

$275 per half- credit for Arizona students
$575 per half- credit for Out of State students
$750 per half- credit for International students

Concurrent College Courses
•    Session A: May 16-June 26; Last day to drop/add: May 17
•    Session B: June 29-August 9; Last day to drop/add: July 2
•    Session C: May 16-July 10; Last day to drop/add: May 17

$600 per 3 hour course (plus applicable fees)

Please reach out to your Learning Success Coach to learn more! 


Student Resources

  • Student portal
    Access your courses and Jump right into learning.
  • Handbook
    Understand the key principles, expectations and responsibilities for students and parents.
  • Clubs / activities
    Explore and pursue personal interests with other students.
  • Me3 App
    Want to find a major or career that fits you? Plan your future with the me3 app.
  • Live lesson calendar
    Experience the course LIVE and collaborate with your teachers and classmates.
  • School calendar

Guidance Resources

Arizona State University
University Drive and Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ 85287-0001

Phone Number
+1 480-965-9011

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School Staff Contacts