4 Reasons to Enroll Early for Fall

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The fall semester is right around the corner, with school starting back up on August 2. Prepare your student for the upcoming academic year by enrolling early for fall classes. 

Early enrollment ends June 14, so there’s really no time to lose. Here’s why it’s worth planning ahead.

Get First Pick 

Enrolling early means your student will get first dibs on the classes they want for the upcoming semester. Even though our classes are online, they still have capacity limits to ensure our teachers can provide the one-on-on, hands-on learning your student deserves. Plan ahead, know what classes your student wishes to take, and give them a better chance of securing them.

Knowledge Is Power

Your student will be ready to dive into their studies if they know what’s facing them ahead of time. Mapping out your student’s schedule during early enrollment can bring them a sense of ease, preparedness and, most importantly, excitement for what’s ahead.

Save Time for Back-to-School Errands

Enrolling early means you’ll have a better chance of beating the crowds in the mad frenzy for school supplies. Your student will already have their schedule handy and know what items they need to start the school year, so you can check more items off your list long before the lines start forming.

Start the Semester Stress-Free

Summer break should be just that: a break. Enrolling early means you can rest assured that your student is ready for the upcoming school year, leaving more time to unwind as a family before your busy schedules pick back up again.

Enroll your student for the fall semester today and see what items you’ll need to do so.