6 Education Podcasts You Should Listen to Right Now

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In today’s media landscape, thousands of podcasts run the gamut in topic, length, and format covering niches you never even knew existed. This is great news for podcast fans, but can be overwhelming for anyone (like us) who thinks there’s such a thing as too many options. For educators or parents interested in learning more about education, college admissions, teaching methods, or anything in the field of education, the sheer number of podcasts available can be a bit daunting. To make the choice easier for you, we’ve rounded up some of our own favorite education podcasts. Here are six education podcasts we think are binge-worthy this month.


Thought Huddle Podcast

Thought Huddle

We would be remiss not to kick things off with ASU’s own Thought Huddle podcast. We may be a bit biased, but the latest podcast produced by ASU is one fun way to learn about our world’s fascinating past, present, and future. Thought Huddle covers everything from Alexander Hamilton’s communication skills to how scientists monitor what goes down your sewer drain. Host Mary-Charles Domandi explores ideas and helps make sense of our complicated and beautiful world by highlighting thinkers and doers who are making an impact. Educators will love Thought Huddle because it covers a broad range of topics, but each episode dives deeply into its topic with the help of academics and subject matter experts.

EDUTalk Podcast


EduTalk is a grassroots podcast that gathers insights on academia from educators and students from around the globe. The Scottish-based show is hosted and organized by teachers David Noble and John Johnston and covers education topics such as school inclusion and technology use in primary education. In fact, ASU Prep Digital’s own Julie Young and Amy McGrath were each featured on recent episodes to discuss online education and edtech.

House of EdTech

House of EdTech

If you’ve spent any time on this blog, there’s a good chance you have at least a general interest in online education and edtech. House of Edtech is the show for you if you’re looking for more information on how technology is being integrated into the classroom – and far beyond it! Hosted by K-12 educator Christopher J. Nesi, the podcast invites digitally literate teachers to share their personal stories and tips on how technology has changed the way they teach and brought their classrooms to the next level. The show also features reviews of edtech tools and resources, so you can stay up to date on the latest industry trends.

Getting In

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation

Parents and teachers of high school upperclassman will find a lot of value in this podcast, which offers factual and practical college prep advice from a variety of former admissions and financial aid officers who know what it takes to “get in.” The show covers everything students, parents and teachers need to know as they leap into the admissions process, including how to write an effective application essay, how to create a college payment plan, how universities evaluate applications, how to maximize your high school classes and extracurriculars, and many more tips to help your student get into the school of their dreams.

Visions of Education

Visions of Education

High school educators looking for something far-reaching yet personal will enjoy Visions of Education, in which education professor Dan Krutka and high school teacher Michael Milton host candid and intimate conversations with teachers, administrators, and education academics covering a variety of ideas for the industry. Their talks dive into rich and complex topics such as the use of a critical lens in teaching history, how to build an open classroom environment, and the new standards for teaching America’s history with slavery.

Harvard EdCast

The Harvard EdCast

Looking for a quick dose of current events from the world of education? Then the Harvard EdCast is for you! This poignant weekly podcast features 15-20 minute conversations with education thought leaders from around the world. The discourse covers current events, important issues, and opinions from within the education community. Host Matt Weber casts a wide net with the topics covered, giving you some vastly new ideas to chew on with each passing week.