6 Ways to Amp Up Your College Application This Summer

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Summer is here, and with it comes endless hours of opportunity: the opportunity to hang out with friends, wake up without an alarm clock, and binge those Netflix shows you’ve had on your list for months. But it’s also a great time to start thinking about ways to bolster your college application. With more free time on your hands, here are six things you can do to help set yourself apart from the competition and get noticed by your dream university.

Brush up on your language skills

There are so many benefits to learning a second language, and summer is a great time to do it. Improve your high school French, Spanish or German. Or branch out by trying to master a language that’s entirely new and challenging to you. There are plenty of great ways to go about it. If you’re an Arizona student, you can enroll in ASU Prep Digital’s online language courses this summer. There are also fun apps you can use, such as Duolingo, which is designed to help you learn at your own pace.

Take a virtual campus tour

One of the best ways to express your interest in a prospective college, and boost your college application, is to visit. While some colleges may have suspended in-person tours, several institutions now offer virtual tours, including Arizona State University. Virtual Experience ASU visits are live sessions with ASU enrollment and academic team members held through Zoom. Attending one means you’ll have the opportunity to learn and ask questions about the admission and enrollment process. It’ll also give you a leg up on the competition by knowing exactly what to expect come application season, so be sure to schedule a few this summer.

Crush a college-level course

Accelerate your path to college by enrolling as a part-time student with ASU Prep Digital.You’ll get to take one or two college-level classes online concurrently with what you’re learning in high school. There are convenient summer school sessions to suit your schedule and areas of interest. Better yet, you’ll earn credit toward both your high school diploma and college degree. Win, win!

Lend a helping hand

Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to your community and show colleges the different causes you’re passionate about. Try volunteering at your local food bank or soup kitchen, or support a local charity that means something to you on a personal level. If you’re not sure where to start, Volunteer Match is a great resource for identifying volunteer opportunities in your area.

Pick up a new hobby

Colleges like to see applicants that are well-rounded outside of the classroom, which means taking the time to develop new passions and skills. Whether it’s joining a sports team, learning how to code, or playing an instrument, there are so many ways to explore your interests and show off your hidden talents.

Start prepping for the SAT/ACT 

It’s no secret that your SAT and ACT test scores are vital to your college application, but did you know that scoring well also puts you in the running to earn scholarships? That’s why it’s never too soon to start studying. There are plenty of resources at your disposal, including practice tests and study guides. And be sure to visit the official ACT and SAT websites for information on testing dates and registration.

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