Benefits of Concurrent Enrollment at ASU Prep Digital

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From developing time management skills to saving money on college tuition, concurrent enrollment helps students kickstart their college careers. 

But how is concurrent enrollment at ASU Prep Digital different than dual enrollment?

ASU Prep Digital embeds the university experience into high school, giving students an accelerated path toward university admission and future careers. You can see the differences between dual enrollment and the concurrent enrollment experience at ASU Prep Digital here, but let’s take an even closer look at some of the benefits of concurrent enrollment at ASU Prep Digital:

Earn college credit from ASU

When you enroll in a concurrent course at ASU Prep Digital, you’ll be earning credit from ASU, ranked #1 in the U.S. for innovation for the fifth year in a row and recognized as a Research I university.  You’ll be taught by real ASU professors, get access to ASU’s library of digital resources, and earn both high school and college credit, which will save you time and money once you get to college.

Receive layers of support

The transition to online learning can be challenging, especially if you plan on taking college level courses. It’s important to have a strong support system as you navigate through your courses. That’s why at ASU Prep Digital, you’ll receive support and guidance not only from your ASU professor, but also from your online teachers and Learning Success Coach.

Explore career pathways

It’s never too early to start thinking about a future major and how it could translate into a career someday. With the help of your Learning Success Coach, you’ll design a personalized pathway through high school, into college, and onto a career. You’ll be able to enroll in high school and college courses that align with your interests and work toward fulfilling requirements for your college major.


Ready to join our community of learners? Here are the full-time deadlines for the spring semester:

  • Enroll by January 6 for a January 27 start date
  • Enroll by January 20 for a February 5 start date*
  • Enroll by February 3 for a February 24 start date*
  • Enroll by March 2 for a March 23 start date*

*These start dates are compressed semesters, meaning you will be completing 5 or fewer classes in a shorter amount of time. 


And if you’re interested in enjoying the benefits of concurrent enrollment, please see the enrollment deadlines below:

  • Enroll by January 3 for a January 13 start date (half semester)
  • Enroll by January 3 for a January 13 start date (full semester)
  • Enroll by March 3 for a March 16 start date (full semester)

We also accept part-time applications on a rolling basis. You can get started here. And if you’d like to learn more about our program or inquire about enrollment, please schedule a call with an admissions advisor.