Student Ambassadors

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The Student Ambassador Program is a student volunteer opportunity which allows students to represent our school in a way that shows positivity, support and kindness to new students joining our ASUPD family. If you want to give service to others, give back to your ASUPD community, represent ASUPD, earn volunteer hours for Senior Seminar and/or Scholarship Applications, and meet new friends, then this is the Club for you! Do you love to help others? Do you remember that anxious feeling of being a new student? Would you love to meet new people? If so, perhaps you were meant to be a Student Ambassador! This is a new offering for students to take a helpful, leadership role in our school community! As a Student Ambassador, you will be matched with new students to help be a support and guide for them as they join our school! We know that LSCs and teachers are great supports for students, but there is nothing better than having a student expert to help answer questions that arise for new students! As a Student Ambassador, you will be one of the first people our new students will meet! What a great opportunity to make new students feel welcome and be a leader and great representative for our school!