Does our middle school offer honors courses or a gifted program?

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Students are able to move through courses at their own pace and can begin taking high school courses as soon as they are ready. We personalize the learning for each student instead of grouping them under any specific label.  

ASU Preparatory Academy meets the needs of all children, including those who are gifted students by utilizing Personalized Mastery-Based Learning where students are not limited to grade level curriculum,  but continue to learn by demonstrating mastery on State Standards at their pace. This allows students to accelerate in one or more content areas as they are ready.  In addition, students may expand their learning with Project Based Learning, which provides an opportunity to solve real world problems. The commitment to this personalized approach to meeting the standards prepares students for college, career, and life.

Personalizing the grade-level curriculum through adaptive software programs combined with opportunities to leverage deep learning and the ability to take courses outside the current grade level (ie – a 4th grader taking Algebra 1).