Investing in the Future: Graduate from ASU Prep Digital with Seal of Personal Finance

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ASU Prep Digital is launching a new era of high school financial literacy with its new initiative — the Seal of Personal Finance, an accolade on graduation diplomas symbolizing the student’s competence in personal finance.

Michelle Ugalde, ASU Prep Digital Learning Success Coach Manager, emphasizes the importance of this program: “As a college preparatory institution, we understand the significance of equipping our students with necessary skills for college, their professional endeavors, and life beyond. The Personal Finance Seal Program empowers our students to take charge of their present and future financial goals.”

The program aligns with ASU Prep Digital’s commitment to prepare students for future success in college, careers, and life. May Prince, Executive Director of Student Advisement, adds that understanding finances from a young age is crucial: “Healthy, lifelong financial habits are important. Students are gaining real-world knowledge and skills that many adults struggle with, and for some, possibly being inspired to pursue future careers in the finance industry.”

Currently, 126 ASU Prep Digital seniors are eligible to apply for the Personal Finance Diploma Seal. Eligibility requirements include a 3.0 unweighted GPA in all social studies classes, completion of a personal finance course and club, and FAFSA completion. As an added bonus, ASU Prep Digital is holding a raffle for students who submit their FAFSA application on time via Senior Seminar. Prizes include Amazon gift cards, with drawings taking place in February, March, and May.

This Seal of Personal Finance program is a major stride toward instilling real-world financial literacy in grades 9–12. By providing students with a strong foundation in personal finance, ASU Prep Digital is equipping them with essential skills that will serve them for life.

For more information or to express interest in the program, students can reach out to their Learning Success Coach.