ASU Prep Digital Student Turns Adversity into Opportunity

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Oliva has always been an animal lover, so it was a shock when she was suddenly and viciously attacked by her family dog while bending down to get food from the pantry. A long recovery process followed, both physical and mental. Olivia was determined not to let the incident change her passion for animals and it became a crucial part of her recovery. 

After a little bit of research, she started making healthy dog treats and selling them in the neighborhood in hopes of raising money for the local animal shelters. She named her entrepreneurial efforts Gracie Cakes Saves and even created a logo for the business.


She donates the proceeds and with the money raised was recently able to purchase a wheelchair for a lucky dog at Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary. In addition to healing by service, Olivia’s family has decided to adopt a new dog to help with her healing process. She is excited for the future and hopes this story inspires others to look for opportunities in life’s challenges.


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