Our Favorite Extracurricular Activities for Online Learners

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Admit it—when you think about your high school days, you definitely remember the clubs you were part of more than you remember the specific lessons you learned in math class. Extracurricular activities are an important part of high school because they give students a chance to interact with their peers, develop important life skills and explore different interests outside of the classroom. Just like traditional schools, virtual schools also offer a variety of clubs for students to join. Here are six extracurricular activities for online learners that will enhance your child’s online learning experience:

Student Government

If your child is a natural born leader and great at decision making, student government will be a great experience for them. Students will develop and expand their leadership skills, represent the interests of their peers and learn how to make a difference at their school. Some duties of student government include: keeping students informed about news and events, brainstorming fundraising ideas and drafting proposals for in-person events where students connect.

School Newspaper

Extra, extra! Read all about it! Joining the school newspaper gives students the opportunity to hone their writing skills, learn how to perform efficiently under deadlines and keep their peers and teachers updated with school news and events. If they plan on majoring in journalism when they attend college, the pieces they write for the school newspaper can even be used to build their portfolio.

Language Clubs

Is your child a lover of language? Do they want to travel the world and be able to communicate with the locals? Language clubs give students a space to practice the language, learn about the countries that speak the language and explore the different components that make up the cultures, such as music, food, clothing and holidays.

Book Club

Sometimes English class just isn’t enough for the bookworms—and that’s where book club comes to the rescue. Students read and discuss books on a weekly basis through video chat with peers who share their love of reading. They are exposed to different genres and learn how to have intelligent and insightful conversations about what they’re reading.

Academic Clubs

For the students who want to continue their learning beyond the virtual classroom, academic clubs are a great option for an extracurricular activity. In most cases, an academic club will focus on a particular subject, such as math, history or philosophy, and dive deeper than your regular course with expanded lessons, fun games and eye-opening discussions.

Model UN

Has your child ever expressed an interest in learning more about international relations? If so, Model United Nations (UN) is a great place to start. They will have the opportunity to roleplay as delegates for various countries, develop leadership, public speaking, and negotiation skills, and learn the value of teamwork.

While most virtual schools have established clubs that are ready to join, some schools, like ASU Prep Digital, also encourage students to start their own clubs based on their interests.

To find the complete list of extracurricular activities for online learners that ASU Prep Digital offers, please visit our resources page