How much does it cost?

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Full-time Arizona students can attend ASU Prep Digital tuition-free. We are an Arizona public charter school.


For part-time and out-of-state students, we have tuition-based options. You can visit the tuition calculator for an estimate, but understand there are many factors that that influence tuition.


Please contact an admissions advisor for a personalized price quote.


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Am I eligible to enroll?

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We are currently enrolling students in grades 9 through 12. If you’re looking for a head start on college, while working from anywhere on your own schedule, then we’d love to chat and see if ASU Prep Digital is a good fit!

We are seeking students ready to become global thinkers and leaders who are excited about taking charge of their future by improving leadership skills and building a portfolio of work that will give them a competitive edge as they move into college.

Unfortunately, you are not eligible to enroll after your 21st birthday. While ASU believes all students can be successful and is committed to surrounding them with the support needed to achieve their goals, this is a rigorous college-prep program. It is not designed for students who need to make up credits quickly or those seeking a GED.

What’s the difference between part and full time?

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Part-time students complete a single course, or a few courses as a supplement to their coursework at another school or homeschool studies. These can be high school, university or concurrent courses.

Full-time students complete all of their coursework at ASU Prep Digital.

We serve students in grades K-12 and we award high school diplomas to qualifying seniors. Full-time students have the opportunity to accelerate their path to college and careers by taking concurrent university courses that earn them both high school and college credit.

Is ASU Prep Digital a good fit for me?

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We believe that EVERY student can achieve a post-secondary education and have designed our coursework and mentorship programs to make that belief a reality. If you want access to world-class coursework embedded with adaptive digital technology, ASU Prep Digital is right for you.

Don’t sweat it if you’ve never taken an online course. We have an in-depth student orientation course that you will take before you start your courses that will set you up for success. You’ll also have a Learning Success Coach that will be with you every step of the way during your high school career to help you achieve your goals. To get a detailed look at a day-in-the life of our students, check out the student story videos.

Student Stories