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Someone once said, “Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” We couldn’t agree more. Education is a huge part of an individual’s life, and we take our role very seriously. This parent wrote to tell us how her children are thoroughly enjoying their school experience.

“My son just completed his first year (3rd grade) at ASU Prep Digital, and, honestly, we couldn’t be happier with our experience. Mrs. Arbuckle, his fantastic Learning Support Coach, and his amazing teacher, Mrs. Stranz, worked so hard to make his year special and helped create learning enrichment opportunities that personally addressed his needs and interests. Not only were they constantly finding creative ways to make lessons fun, but they also created warm and inviting classroom interactions. Their dedication also went beyond the classroom because they made themselves available via text, email, or phone call for any questions we, as parents, might have–which is a huge relief and invaluable help in an online format. They truly fostered a partnership with my child and our family, and we are so grateful for everything they have done and continue to do. In fact, my son told me this has been his favorite school year to date and he’s really looking forward to returning in the fall (his younger brother will start in kindergarten, too!).  

We are all so excited that Mrs. Arbuckle will be the LSC for both of my sons next year—this family focus is yet another terrific benefit that ASU Prep Digital offers. In addition to caring teachers who go the extra mile for their students, ASU Prep Digital’s unique, individually focused curriculum is outstanding in its ability to keep kids engaged and learning. We were amazed every week with how many enrichment opportunities were offered—whether it was fun science experiments, socializing through learning pods and clubs (for instance, my son loved STEM club with the incredible Mrs. Melagrano and book club with wonderful Mrs. Arbuckle), a diverse range of engaging learning apps, and additional Zoom office hours and small groups for any additional help.” 

“We appreciate that ASU Prep Digital continues to try to find innovative ways to best meet students’ interests and needs.”

“All we can say is, “Thank you!” to the dedicated and caring teachers and staff who make this online school feel personable and connected. My sons, though they LOVE their summer break, are already excited about next fall!”

Thank you for allowing ASU Prep Digital to be part of your family’s educational journey. When students leave for summer break or to take time off, and state they cannot wait to come back to school again—that’s priceless to us!

It means a lot when a parent shares how ASU Prep Digital is helping their student succeed. We’d love to hear from you. Share your story with us at