Socialization Myths in Online Learning

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As more students enroll in online high school, socialization myths in online learning increase as well. At its core, socialization is the process of learning how to behave and interact with others in society. 

Education plays an integral role in teaching social skills and cues, immersing students in diversity, and introducing students to different social situations. Because of this, many believe that students who enroll in online schools miss out on the socialization component. 

Here are a few socialization myths in online learning that we’d like to debunk:

How often do online students interact with their teachers and peers?

When people think about online learning, they might imagine students holed up in their rooms doing schoolwork alone, never talking to anyone else. This couldn’t be more wrong! Many online high schools, including ASU Prep Digital, host frequent live lessons. During these scheduled times, teachers connect with small groups of students using online video chat and answer questions, go over class materials, discuss topics, play games and socialize.

Many live-lessons also include break-out rooms where students can collaborate on projects. Outside of the teacher-sponsored live lessons, students are also encouraged to start group chats with classmates and attend virtual study sessions.

Do online schools offer clubs and activities?

Many online high schools offer the same clubs as brick-and-mortar schools, including student government, yearbook, and National Honor Society. These opportunities are open to all students and usually meet once a week virtually so students get to interact with their peers and club advisor.

Students are also encouraged to propose their own club ideas for consideration and implementation. ASU Prep Digital currently has over 12 clubs for students to participate in, such as STEM club, mythology, and world languages.

Do online students ever see their classmates in person?

Students may not sit in physical classrooms with their peers, but that doesn’t mean they never see them. Online high schools will find opportunities to host in-person events for their students and staff, whether it’s a back-to-school orientation or a pizza party.

At ASU Prep Digital, students even get to meet up for special campus tours of ASU! And we have in-person graduation ceremonies, bringing students and staff together to celebrate their accomplishments.


The truth is that just like in traditional schools, there are plenty of opportunities for students to socialize. And now that we’ve debunked some of the common myths surrounding online learning, we’ll be discussing how socialization in an online learning environment is different from a traditional school setting in our next post.

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