Allergies Affecting Mental Health

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Written by Samantha Ducharme

Children as young as 1 are diagnosed with allergies. The inability to have something. Allergies affect most of the population in this world either with food allergies or environmental allergies or even strange allergies you never would think were possible.

“But how does it affect mental health,” you might ask. Scientists are not sure how allergies and mental health are linked. However, from personal experience, it’s so much more than that. The best way to put it, is something you want but can’t have. You look around you thinking “I can’t have what any of them are having.” That’s when frustration and sadness come upon you.

Mental Health

Let’s talk about mental health. Mental health affects people, like me, in this world with allergies. What some don’t understand, is the feeling of not being able to have something everyone else can have and that can be a real struggle sometimes.


I’ve seen some around me get depressed from not being able to go out with their friends to eat because they can’t eat what everyone else eats.


The anxious feeling of wondering if you ate something you’re allergic to or are going to one day.


Things can get stressful when you constantly worry why things happen to you and only you. It can make you can feel alone.

However, together we can make a change. We can educate everyone on what goes on. We can have more allergy awareness and even have more businesses and companies making foods for children with allergies. So everyone can enjoy the things they would like to eat.

If we work and spread the word we can make a change on society and make everyone happier. That’s is all that matters.