Fatigue: The Current State of Things

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Written By Kenya Sykes

Even though some may argue differently, I think it’s safe to say that the 2020 Presidental Election has come to an end. I can also say that most of the United States population is feeling very emotionally and mentally drained at the moment. Whether that’s from being disappointed with the election results, non-stop work for this election, or even just seeing the state that this country is in. I definitely have my opinions on this election. Many are positive, and quite a few are negative.

However, that’s not what I am trying to discuss. My point is that it’s okay to feel tired or even fatigued. You should not feel any guilt for feeling this way. Look at the state of this country. The number of people getting infected and/or passing from COVID-19 is terrifying. The endless back and forth in this country that has been going on for four years has only gotten worse. It’s even gotten violent. And just to add to it, we still have to live our normal lives. We have to go to school/work every day, acting like everything is okay because we decided to adjust to a virus rather than try to get rid of it.

It’s okay to feel tired and depressed. It’s okay to avoid the news to preserve your state of mind. It’s okay to even feel slightly irritated or angry. These are very difficult times right now, and not just in the United States. So with all of that being said, take care of yourself right now. Remember to put your mental health above everything right now. Remember to protect your peace. Don’t burn yourself out. And most importantly, value yourself and the life that you have. Because as we’ve seen quite a lot over these past few months, we won’t be here forever.