Finding The Beauty In Everything

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Written by Hallie Hadi

Life is beautiful. But at times, many of us tend to become so blinded by what it throws at us that we forget to appreciate the beauty surrounding us. The world around us has so much to offer if only we would open our eyes and see the beauty in it. You can leave that negative energy behind; you don’t have to keep it with you. Allow yourself to appreciate the beauty of the sun’s beams of a hot Arizona day, the way the fierce wind blows, the sounds of noisy traffic, etc. Find the silver lining in adversity, embrace your pain, and view endings as fresh beginnings. You will discover serenity inside yourself and in the world once you recognize the beauty in everything.

Find the Good in the Bad

We often encounter tragedy in our lives; it is inescapable, so why not try to see the good in the bad? It is natural for humans to face difficulties. Sometimes we may feel as if we are constantly bombarded by the negativity surrounding us, whether on the news or right in front of our eyes. Tragedy can transform our thoughts and even our lives. It’s at these moments that finding beauty might seem the most challenging. To see the good in the bad, we can train ourselves to put it in perspective and focus on the good – e.g., embracing a moment of silence to yourself, looking at your surroundings, cherishing the moments with your loved ones, or even the beauty within yourself. Give it a shot, and you will see a difference! 

Know That Suffering has a Use 

One cannot hide from Suffering; it is part of our lives. However, there is always something on the other side of Suffering. This includes gratitude and lessons learned. We are grateful that we have another chance to become better, and we find ways to prevent it later. This makes the world truly beautiful in the end.

 Document How You’re Feeling

 This can be done by writing in a notebook, drawing, singing, etc. It is essential to keep in terms with the people we used to be. Documenting helps us find a part of ourselves to stay in touch with who we were once. Finding beauty in our world starts with coming to terms or understanding who we are and our position in the world.

Find Connectivity in What Blooms Naturally

Most of the time, we view nature as something obvious. However, it is essential to go on a walk while enjoying the shade of a tree, the fresh air, and truly immersing yourself in it. We can relate to it; for instance, a flower gives such natural fixings about us. By blooming, we can tell a lot about what it’s like to live and how realistic it is to become.
Redirect Your Breath
This action is known to awaken compassion. It reverses our human logic by avoiding pain, sorrow and searching for pleasure instead. This practice challenges one to breathe in any suffering, e.g., sadness, anger, and disappointments, and breathe out what you’d rather have in the world. This practice makes one feel effective and promising.