For Better, or For Worse?

Written by Grace Brown 

Disclaimer: This is Not Another Article About How Sick We Were of 2020.

No no, this is an article about how emotionally fried I currently am with 2021.

As we all know, the masses, social media, news reporters, and even your beloved hot Cheeto girl were throwing their hands in the air when midnight hit on everyone’s timekeeping devices[1]. What joy it was to just hop over into this grand, shiny, sparkly new year. Yay.


Well here’s the thing. 2021 has not been grand, nor shiny, nor sparkly, in any way shape, or form. As a matter of fact, it’s been a little dusty and strange if you ask me[2]. The thing is, 2021’s misfortunes have been more undercover and on the low, so they were harder for me to notice. Here are a few things I (and even some of my friends) have noticed so far:


“Grace, everyone gets headaches.”They’re a normal part of life.” “It’s probably because you’re always looking at that scree-”


No. For someone who has been online schooled and forced to do homework on a computer screen since kindergarten, I rarely (and I mean rarely) get headaches; when I do, I can usually pinpoint it to something. That’s just not how my body decides to bring forth pain onto me. But for some reason, this year, in particular, I have been dealing with annoying, not so sparkly, headaches that just appear for literally no reason. No, I do not need a therapist, I need clarity.


Weird, Strange, Flying Sounds

I live near an aerospace and defense technology company, that produces and test-fly metal birds. Just peachy stuff, like military aviation systems, manned aircraft, and cool-looking drones that go so fast you hear booms and your house shakes. You don’t hear this aircraft very often (back in the good old days when things were simple). But this year, I kid you not, every 5 minutes there’s a loud WOOSH right above the roof that I am under currently. Strange…


Being Watched?

Ok, I know this one sounds a tad bit…paranoid, but no this isn’t some sad, pathetic science government movie where I feel like aliens are following me[3]. No, but seriously, there’s this strange vibe that I’m getting from the world. And it doesn’t just happen in the dangerous outside, but inside as well. So like, cover up your computer camera kids.

There’s my little spill of how weird and strange my current 2021 has been so far. Stay safe and wear your mask above your nose, thanks (unless you’re in texas apparently).


[1] Yes, androids are considered timekeeping devices as well.

[2] I understand I was not asked, you may sit down now.

[3] Literally what movie has this ever happened in?