Gifts to Loved Ones

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Written by Malia Savelio

 As we all know, Christmas is coming up and will be here sooner than you think. So, the question many of us are asking ourselves is, “How am I going to show my love to the people around me, and to what extent should I go?” Today, people are experiencing a huge decrease in the amount of income they bring in, causing them to be a little bit more cautious with their money. Now, those people should spend some money, time, or both on the people around them during Christmas to show them their appreciation and love. So, how will they gift their loved ones without causing them to become broke?

Key Things To Remember When Choosing Gifts

The people that continue to hang-out with you and love you are not going to care about how much your gifts are, instead they care about the effort and the time you put into that gift or the significance in choosing that certain item. Gifts are not mandatory. If you don’t have enough money to buy a gift, then your “gift” instead of could be your time spent with them. For instance, I personally would rather spend a day playing board games with my Grandma than receiving a gift from her because of the fact that I will be spending meaningful time with her rather than receiving a less meaningful gift. 

Christmas Means Love, Not Objects

Remember, Christmas is a time of the year for people to get together, to share, and to show their thankfulness for the people around them without needing the giving of presents. Thanksgiving may be the Holiday meant to show how thankful we are for things but Christmas is the time of the year that everyone comes together to show there be surround by the people they love. Christmas is the holiday of joy.