Happy Womens History Month Lady’s

By Joyce Parson 

As I was thinking of what to write for this blog I saw my poster in my room ” Women Up” and I started thinking about what that means to me and socialites women. As we’ve seen and learned women were looked down upon, and people thought we couldn’t do for example jobs, But it took courageous women to stand up and fight for what they believed and wanted they had to Women Up. I interviewed my mom and ask her what it takes for someone to Women Up. and she said ” Someone who is an independent, strong-willed, dedicated woman that will fight for what she believes in. This got me to think women back then had to learn how to grow these characteristics. The independence they had to raise kids and cook and clean every day with no help they were expected to do these, but what shocked people the most is how Bold they became to stand up and Women Up. Let us Women Up in our lives as young women to show the world what to expect.