House on Maple Street

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By Student Blogging Team 

The house on maple street. Every day I walk down the street by the candle-lit home. I’ve never seen my neighbor before, but I think she lives alone. There’s always just one singular light on in her house before something strange occurs. Then, on one special day… Before the street lights turned off, I noticed that the house emitted the most peculiar noise, and I could have sworn I had seen it shake. I rubbed my eyes once. Then again. The house sat still, though its imposing windows seemed to stare at me like, “what are you doing here?”.

Next, as I was walking down my street I see my neighbor right at her window, for a second I think I’m seeing things, but then she waves her hand at me. I nervously wave back as she walks away with a smile on her face. It changed the way I saw her as a person, she seemed so nonchalant about it. Did she not know that her house was literally shaking? Was she making it float, or was it my imagination? And because of that, I felt this fear of worry but I was curious why was her house shaking? Was it safe? Should I try to get my neighbor out of her house? Her door suddenly cracked open with a gentle squeak, but I couldn’t see her. An invitation to come along?

Finally, I realized this was my chance I could understand why my neighbors’ house was so strange, I could climb aboard…but was it rational? Probably not. But when has that ever stopped me? I ran up the steps, afraid that the door would close soon. As soon as I stepped inside, the door behind me shut, and my neighbor approached me. She raised her hands like an orchestra conductor, and that house shook as it raised itself creakily up to the sky. It was the perfect lift-off.