How to Overcome the Hardships of Becoming an Adult as a High Schooler

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Written By Malia Savelio

When being a high schooler, you plan on your only focus being school. Though, around Junior and Senior year, you have to, how do people put it, “Get your grill on” so that you can make sure you get into the college of your dreams without having to have a huge college loan to pay off for the rest of your life. Well, one of the best ways to meet that goal is to take concurrent courses in high school so that they will be a lot cheaper than in actual college. Though, when you think about it, wouldn’t it be more stressful to take concurrent courses in high school than in college? No. If the same class is taken in college rather than high school, then you will have the added stress of greater costs and you will have to handle multiple college classes at the same time in which you don’t have to in college. Some key steps to handling the hardships of concurrent courses are:

1. Create a schedule!

When creating a schedule, you are combining the different classes you take, both high school and college, then writing each assignment out at a certain time of the day. Estimate the amount of time you will be taking on that assignment and put that assignment in your schedule for that amount of time for the day. Then, continue doing the same thing for multiple tasks with some breaks and then have a continual finishing time to help create some time for rest. Then, make sure the task is completed.

2. Don’t procrastinate!

After finishing the schedule for the week to come, prepare for the first day with rest and organization. On your first day, complete all the assignments that are within that day in the time frame that you gave. If you need more time, then continue on that assignment and work longer than the given time frame you gave. If you finish in a shorter amount of time than you gave yourself, then shorten the time until you’re done or work ahead. If you work longer on one assignment and then shorter on another, then use the extra time from the shorter assignment for the longer assignment. In all, the main concept of these steps is to breathe.

3. Breathe

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” During the whole week of working, you will have opportunities that you can use to further your future but you can’t commit to those tasks until you know your assignments are done first. I personally can’t go a week without freaking out about having some assignments still left over and that stops me from pursuing other tasks that could be an add-on benefit of finishing class in the right time span that day. When taking the time to focus and work, you will be creating an unknown amount of beneficial opportunities for yourself. So take a couple minutes to decide your week’s schedule and make sure that those tasks are completed as formatted in your schedule. If you continually improve your work schedule and learn how to work efficiently, then your future will be based off of the opportunities you take and will create a more desired future for yourself.