Ideas for Fun Things to Do for Thanksgiving

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Written by Mahayla Palachuk

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you may be thinking of some fun thinks to do for the holiday either for yourself with the entire family. Well then, you’re in luck. I have some simple, creative, and cheap ideas that you can try out now. Just in time for the holidays that both you and the entire family can enjoy!

Idea #1: Make a Thankful Pumpkin

This is a pretty simple idea you can do easily at home. You can get any size pumpkin. Every day, write down things you are thankful for, such as your friends and family, on it. Be sure not to forget to write your name, the holiday, and the year at the top! Then, on Thanksgiving Day you can take your thankful pumpkin and read off the different things you have written on it. Be sure to snap a photo of what you made so you can show everyone your Thankful pumpkin, even after the holidays are over. Maybe even inspire someone to make one of their own next Thanksgiving!

Idea #2: Or on the Opposite Side, make a Thankful Wreath!

This is kind of the reverse of the thankful pumpkin but in wreath form. All you need is a board and some paper cards, which you can make simply by folding pieces of paper or cutting paper into smaller pieces then folding them in half. With the wreath, you can get any kind of wreath you want, make the cards, and then once you have written different things inside of the cards pin them onto your wreath. Be sure not to forget the paper at the top that tells the holiday, year, and your name! Then when it comes time for Thanksgiving you can take your wreath and remove the cards. Then, you can unfold them and read out to your family and friends.

Idea #3: Make A Thankful Board

Instead of a Thankful wreath or pumpkin, you could make a thankful board! A thankful board is very easy to make with something as simple as a clipboard or bulletin board. Once you have that, you can take and make cards out of paper. Simply by folding paper or if you want cutting the paper into smaller pieces then folding them. Then write different things you are thankful for inside of the cards and pin them onto your board. When Thanksgiving comes, you can  take the cards of the board, remove and unfold the cards, then read off what you are thankful for from each card to your family.

Idea #4: A Play Off the Thankful Pumpkin, Make it a Family Affair and Have the Entire Family Make a Thankful Craft

This could work with either a thankful pumpkin, thankful wreath, or thankful board. You can get the entire family involved in these fun crafts. Each family member deciding and making their own thankful pumpkin, wreath, or board, and writing what they are thankful for. When Thanksgiving day rolls around, you can take turns reading off what you are thankful for. And be sure to have the camera rolling to capture the special tradition to enjoy for years to come!

Idea #5: Play Thanksgiving Pictopia

If you like the game Pictopia, then you will enjoy this. You may have played Pictopia themed to Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney, or Star Wars before. But what makes this Pictopia special, is that it is themed to Thanksgiving! You can play the game with your whole family. With Thanksgiving themed questions that test your family’s knowledge on this thankful holiday. After all, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving Pictopia without Thanksgiving themed questions!

Idea #6: Have Thanksgiving Dinner with Your Family

Okay, so this one is probably something you always do yearly. But there is nothing better than getting together and having dinner with your family. I know Thanksgiving may look different this year. But whether you can get together physically or virtually, this is such a special time of year to get together with your family and share what you are thankful for. Because life is too short. You never know when the holiday season will be the last one with your family members, or that one moment may be the last moment you ever spend with that person.

I hope you guys like my short list of fun ideas to do for Thanksgiving! I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and a great rest of the year. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And may the force be with you!

*Special thanks to my Bestie and best guy friend Josh for the amazing ideas presented in the article!*