Just Be You

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Written by Ta’Nya Wallace


Hey you!, Yeah You! Don’t do that. Don’t wish you were in another skin, that you were another person; someone prettier, someone thinner, someone with lighter skin or darker skin. You are You. And nothing can be more special than your individuality. You are sacred, You are, one-of-a-kind, You are You.No one can be you. Love who you are and the world will love you back just the way you are. What do you think you are doing wishing you were someone else. You are Perfect Just the way you are so stop doing that right now. Because guess what I love you and that should show you that you are amazing just the way you are so please stop wishing you were someone else. I know it seems terrible and awful now but take it from me it gets better you just have to believe and have hope. So I don’t ever wanna hear about you wishing this again. Because you are Cute and you are a Queen and King.

Be Confident

So do me a favor and pick up your crown and put it on your head where it goes and go back to your throne and believe me once people see that your confident being who you are then they will come wanting to be your friend. So dust off your Crown and your cape because my Boys and Girls it’s time for you to regain your rightful spot as a King or Queen I believe in you! You got this! So be perfectly imperfect because Hey no one is perfect and so what they say you’re not normal being normal is boring be different because that’s the way God wanted you to be. YOU GOT THIS!