Learn How to Code With Python!

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Written by Kanyon Pierce

Yay! You wrote a line of Code!! Hopefully, this is the first of many!

Ok, the next thing to do is to start to research more things in Python. The best website I have found to give you a tutorial for python is w3schools.com. If you want to seriously learn Python, use this website. It has taught me 90% of what I know about Python. It is amazing!


Honestly, this website will teach you so much more than I ever could so I suggest you use it.

I suggest going through this tutorial in its entirety! It is kind of long but it is really fun to do so I still think you should do the whole thing. If you were just following along with this lesson then great thanks for reading this I hope I taught you a thing or two and maybe sparked a love for coding in you!

Thank you so much for reading this post! This will be my last post for a while but hopefully, I can start posting again at the start of next school year. I thank all of my readers so much and give a huge shout-out to all of my peers at the Student Blog! Thank you Mrs.Sanderson for making this possible. And I want to wish the best of luck to Illia Solano who will be graduating this year. And Finally, I can’t emphasize enough how this would not be possible without Mrs.Sanderson!

-Kanyon Pierce

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