Meant to Be

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By Natalee Tygard 


On Valentine’s Day morning of my senior year, I woke up to birds singing their lovely toon. I slowly rolled out of bed and walked to my window. As the sun rose, I could see a couple of birds cuddling in their nest. There were two rabbits hopping across the grass. Two deer frolicked through the flowers. My two dogs also snuggled together at the foot of my bed. “So, it seems everyone one has someone except for me,” I thought to myself as I rummaged through my overflowing closet. I walked down the rickety stairs to see my little sister grinning as her eyes glimmered while she stared at a picture of her boyfriend on her phone. I noticed my parents kiss, as I turned the corner into the kitchen. “Seriously,” I mumbled as I poured my cereal only to realize that the box had a Valentine’s Day promotion on it. “Bye, guys, I’m gonna head to school!” “But you haven’t even had breakfast yet!” My mom shouted as I shut the door.

I soon made it to school to find that every Valentine was standing together or holding hands. I hoped to find my best friend Dev, who I had known since kindergarten, before first period but didn’t see him. I quickly found my other best friend, Tilly, but she was preoccupied kissing her date Fin, in the hall. So, I went to class. Finally, after a while it was lunch time, but I still couldn’t find Dev. Tilly wasn’t in any position to talk so I headed to the cafeteria alone. I walked into the cafeteria to my usual table and was surprised to see roses on one of the seats. “Must be for Tilly,” I thought as I sat down, tossing the flowers on the table. I was suddenly tapped from behind. It was Dev and he was knelt with a ring. “Kailee will you marry me?” He asked. Butterflies filled my stomach and My heart pounded like a jackhammer. “Yes!” I exclaimed. We quickly hugged and I knew we were meant to be. “And that kids is how your father proposed to me. “Wow what a great story mommy!” one of the children said. “It was pretty great, wasn’t it? Now get some sleep my little ones, goodnight.”

The End