New ASU Prep Student Tips

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Written By Malia Savelio

Welcome to your first year here at ASU Prep Digital!!! As you already know, ASU Prep Digital is an online school that focuses on preparing its students for college. It also gives them the knowledge they should have for the future. ASU prep students are able to work at their own speed to complete lessons and assignments, while also having access to tutoring sessions with teachers and peers when the student needs extra help. Here are some tips on how to have a successful and fun ASU Prep Digital experience:

Tip #1

First of all, completing tasks and assignments on time is very beneficial to yourself as well as the teachers. By completing your assignments on time, you are able to keep on track. You also won’t have to push yourself too hard at the end of the semester to finish all your assignments. Aside from that, you are able to complete assignments at a later time. But there will be an automatic zero put into that assignment’s grade until you complete it. 

Tip #2

Second, if you are having a hard time in one of your courses, feel free to contact your teacher to help with your harder assignments. Most teachers accept text and email,but sometimes they don’t. Make sure to check your syllabus to find out what they prefer. Also, almost every teacher, if not all, provide a Calendly link that will schedule a certain one-on-one meeting between you and them.

After contacting your teacher, if you still have trouble with some course assignments, there are peer tutoring sessions. You will sign up for help, in one or more certain subjects, and one of the peer tutors will sign up to tutor you. Once they have signed up for you, you will receive information from that person about your upcoming tutoring session. Ultimately, peer tutors’ main goal is to make sure everyone receives the help they need with whatever subject they need help with. 

Tip #3

Last but not least, join some clubs.

Clubs provide social encouragement and helps students show their passion for certain things. For example, some of the clubs provided at this school are the ASU Prep Digital Blog, Mu Alpha Theta (also known as Math Honors Society), Peer Tutoring, Writing Club, Book Club, National Honors Society, Drama Club, and Science Club. I personally am in some of those clubs and can tell you that they are very exciting and fun to be a part of.

For example, Writing Club is a very social club that encourages students with writing passions to use it to their best extent. Members of the Writing Club ask each other questions to help with their own writing. They also help read each other’s work to provide  recommendations on how to improve their writing. Another example is Peer Tutoring. Peer tutors help other students understand their classes better when help is needed.

In conclusion, ASU Prep Digital is a great school that helps students work at their own pace with helpers and friends at every corner. Students are not only able to receive help from their teachers but also from their peers who some students are sometimes even more comfortable. ASU Prep Digital also provides different ways to socialize, one-way being clubs. To have a successful and fun first year, it would very helpful to keep in mind helpers and social events as well as making sure you don’t fall behind.