Ratatouille the Musical – A Dream

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Written by Illia Solano

Gen Z never ceases to amaze!

I guess I might be a little biased about this, seeing as I am a part of this, but that doesn’t change my opinions on this topic. Really, I still cannot believe that people from TikTok have banded together DURING a pandemic and said, “Hey, I think the people need a Broadway musical. And not just any musical, they want a singing rat that can cook.” 

After living in this fever dream known as 2020, my only response to this was, “You’re absolutely right.”

How I Found Out

This all started while I was scrolling through, the previously-banned app, TikTok, like I would any other day. My “for you page” is normally filled with the most random things that I don’t even bat an eye at when I started hearing THE song. “Remy the Ratatouille” kept on being played over and over while I witnessed people auditioning for it (dancing), drawing, or pitching for it. There were other people who were writing original songs for the musical and actually singing it.

Sidenote: the song has me on the fence. Remy is the rat and ratatouille is the dish. So…

Like any other person, I fell into the Ratatouille the Musical hole.

The Light in the Darkness

As the year is ending, many of us can’t stop thinking about all the historical events that have occurred. It’s hard not to. But this musical has given everyone something we haven’t seen in a while: hope.


Yes, dear child, hope. 

There are so many people right now, as I mentioned before, that have been trying to be a part of this project. I believe that it is their passion for creativity and their drive to make this musical come to fruition that is really driving people to come together.

And all in all, this seems like a really powerful and subtle message. Maybe some divisions that exist may be bridged by making singing/cooking rats come to life. 

That is a dream.

The Ending… or Not

We will have to wait and see.

Again, personally, I am all for this. I can’t sing, draw, or dance. But I can sure watch and appreciate what this work of art will be. I have high hopes for this musical, as most anyone would.

Like, yeah, Remy is the star of the show and all that (with Linguini in the sidecar). But what I am excited to see is, good-scary, knife-wielding Colette steal the show. Because we all know that if Linguini and Remy weren’t in the picture, she would have been the most successful restaurant owner/chef in the city.