The Art of Redemption

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Written by Billie Fechter

Redemption is the action of saving or being saved. What you are saving or being saved from is all up to you. You decide what has power in your life; consequently, you choose your redemption. Everyone has that one thing they might regret or wish they could turn back time and undo. Redemption is about being okay with what went wrong and becoming better because of it. Discovering what redemption is finding yourself amongst the rubble. 

The art of redemption is similar to the night sky. The dark sky filled with stars, all blinking and shining. Amongst the darkness, the light still shines through. Redemption is the light that shines through the night. Art is thoughtful beauty in cascaded expression. Art showcases the now, not what it took to get there. When you walk into a museum, you see pictures and pictures but no stories. You see this unique painting with no background of how it’s made. People spend so much time focusing on why you need to be redeemed rather than on the action itself. I want to be the shining light even when there’s darkness. Creating a path filled with redemption is feasible if you try. 

This is your part of the story now. I shared what redemption meant to me. I want you to take a closer look into what Redemption means to you. Furthermore, challenge yourself; find who you want to be now. Stop looking back in the past because you can’t change it; you can simply be better in the future. Wake up tomorrow, look into the mirror, and smile. Smile because of the history. The past made you who you are today. Now is your chance. Make your redemption story.