The Fears Your Scared To Admit 

By Audrey Paredes

Hypnotic and interesting

The desire to do this was intense

But not intense enough, it was dangerous

Playing with fire isn’t my way around things

The dress waved around and I couldn’t believe what was happening

Hypnotic intense

And  not intense enough

The girl in the dress hides in the shadows

So I walk up to her

What do you hid, why not and see the night

I ask her but it’s not enough

leave  now

or you’ll reveal something that you’ll never wanted to know

A feeling Angst made me purse

So she stepped into the light and showed me

The guy in the doorway ready

The mother who wept

The sister who would never been forgiven

The daughter who never revealed her identity and what she feared

Until the night that she thought again

it would never be enough

Was it enough?