The Path to their Memories

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Written by Illia Solano

We create our memories

From start to end,

Never knowing 

What will become of them.


The time our eyes opened

We viewed the world .

Some had a story of greatness and freedom

Others, one of uncertainty and suppression.


Life wasn’t easy.

One trapped going slightly mad,

The other mad with that simple life.

Both destined for certain paths.


One escaping their known home,

While the other seeked without fault.

Restless for a connection

They knew not of each other.


One was cursed from their love.

Anxious, seeking,

Traveling but to no avail

Comes home to watch and stare.


The other found a new home.

A home unlike the other,

One of adventures and magic.

A true home.


Both their memories were kept

Until they met.

Eyes gazing on one another.

One saw danger, the other wonder.


But truly they knew,

Their paths weren’t another.

They were one and the same.

The glass showed the arrow point.


Even at the time they knew not each other

They held those memories close by.

No one can deny their shared path,

One can only embrace and remember that.