Top Five Indie Games!

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Disclaimer: ASU Prep Digital does not condone nor does it advertise the use of any of the games that are mentioned in this article.

Written by Kanyon Pierce

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

If you have read any of my previous posts, I might seem like quite the stereotypical nerd, dungeons and dragons, mythical fan-fiction, and retro video games that many people probably don’t care about! Well, if you have read my last few posts are not reading this because you dislike them and want to see how bad I did this time, you are reading these because they bring you some sense of enjoyment. So, you’ll be happy to know I am continuing the nerdy trend and that I am now doing top ten indie games! Just to start on this topic, I would like to say that indie games were, are, and will be my life. As much as I love big game series and huge blockbuster games from companies like Microsoft and Sony, I believe the true wonder of gaming comes from small start-ups and medium-sized companies! Merriam-Webster describes an indie as such.

: one that is independent

especially: an unaffiliated record or motion-picture production company

(I know that it does not specifically refer to video game developers, but I guarantee you can ask any half-involved gamer and they would tell you those game developers can be indies.)

This means that the company has no support from other companies. For example, a game developer named John teams up with his friend Matt, and they start creating a game. They do not ask any other companies to give them financial support, but they do get their game to be published on the Nintendo switch. Even though they are getting their game published by another company and getting it released on the switch it is still considered an indie because they had no financial support from another outside source.

Enough talking about indies though, let’s get into the list!

5. Dead Cells

In this game, you take on the role of the ooze that is the result of a failed alchemical experiment. You can possess dead bodies and control them as if they were your own. You have been locked in prison and need to find out what is going on in the world outside. All you know is that every time you die the world somehow changes can you solve this mystery? I have played this game for about three months now and I love it! It is a 2d side-scroller rogue-like that is known for its difficulty. If you like a challenge, I suggest you play this game!

4. Terraria

Just to start I would like to say that Terraria is very underrated. A lot of people refer to it as 2d Minecraft. This is not at all true. Minecraft is a game that encourages you to build amazing things and is not that heavily based on combat. Even though Terraria does encourage the same building motive, it is actually a combat-based game that keeps players coming back through the natural lust to collect everything. With nearly four thousand different items and hundreds of enemies, this game will provide you with literally hundreds of hours of content. Plus, the music is amazing, and the visuals are stunning!

3. Shovel Knight: King of Cards

“Long ago, the lands were untamed, and roamed by legendary adventurers!

By all appearances, peace has flourished, and carefree new pastimes have taken hold.

A card game called Joustus has swept the land, and with it, word of a grand tournament.

Presiding over the contest are three Joustus judges. These wise kings have been chosen to spread joy and unity.

This contest is of great interest to King Knight. For though some call him a fool who merely plays at king, even fools know this:

Whoever defeats all three Joustus judges will win an incredible treasure, and be crowned King of Cards!

Competing for the Joustus crown is no simple matter, but king knight schemes, undeterred, toward a kingdom of his own.”

This legendary prequel to the smash-hit indie series, Shovel Knight, is outstanding! I have sat down with my Nintendo switch for hours trying to get through the hard but fun platforming levels while constantly taking breaks to play my hand at Joustus! What are you waiting for? Strap on your finest boots and grab your crown for adventure awaits! Seriously though, this game is a load of fun, and I highly recommend it!

2. Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad

Do you think you’re good at surviving? How about when you are living on a makeshift wooden raft that isn’t much bigger than you in the middle of the ocean. Oh yeah, I forgot, a shark is constantly watching you, waiting for the chance to strike. This mobile version of the classic indie Raft is one of the best apps you can find on the google play store. It will keep you entertained for hours as you build, fight, and explore your way through the vast ocean, on your quest to get back home! My one critique, once you start playing you won’t stop!

1. Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 had me hooked from the second I opened the game up. It harnesses what I have found to be the most addictive property games can have, the lust for collection. This game currently features an unreal number of achievements over eight unique characters to play as, all but one of which you must unlock through some crazy, heroic, or near impossible feat. There are endless possibilities for item combos, and hundreds of hours of content in this notoriously hard third-person shoot ‘em up. Being available on five different platforms, this game is almost universally available to gamers and is one hundred percent worth your money. If there is one game, I can suggest to you it would be Risk of Rain 2!