Wading Through the Water

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Written by Liam Kadel

I feel trapped
They say it’s normal at my age
At this stage, to feel like
The proverbial tiger in his cage
Like lightning in a bottle
Like I’m stalling at full throttle
I want to move on to the next chapter
But I keep rereading the same page

I’m wading through the water
But the river don’t run back
I grasp at everything I can
But all slips between the cracks

Stopped at every red light
A deer caught in headlights
The Earth turns in the dead of night
A glimpse of hope just fled from sight
My vessel’s sinking at the port
But Theseus plays coy
How many circles can we drive around
Before wheeling into Troy?

I ask you, are my dreams forbidden?
No questions asked, no answers given
So the river flows ’til the waterbed runs dry
The river flows so my eyes turn to the sky

I’m wading through the water
But the rapids remain rough
I’ve braved the waves of the waterways
But my strife’s never enough
To slow my life