Why Do Students Choose Blended and Online Schools?

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Last year, Getting Smart posted an article outlining the outcomes of a paper developed by The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning (FBOL).

In summary, the FBOL set out to discover why students and families are choosing these innovative school models and how they are finding out about the options available. In the paper Why Do Students Choose Blended and Online Schools?, developed with the Evergreen Education Group, FBOL explored the common motivations behind the choice to enroll in a school or program other than a traditional brick-and-mortar setting. Through a series of stakeholder interviews, school snapshots, and data drawn from a variety of sources, the paper offers a look at the academic, social and sometimes difficult personal reasons students throughout the country turn to alternatives to their local public school.

Why do students choose blended and online schools? Report

According to the report, “a reasonable estimate for students attending online and blended schools is between one and two million students, or roughly 2–4% of all students in the country. More than half of all states allow online schools that draw students across district boundaries; perhaps 350,000 students attend these schools.”

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