How to Set Yourself Up For Success – Sophomore Year

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You’ve done it! You’ve made it through freshman year unscathed. No longer at the bottom of the totem pole, you’re eager to begin your sophomore year a little wiser, a bit more prepared and ready to slay the next chapter of high school! Conquering daily homework and heavy course loads during your freshman year was no small feat and neither are the upcoming challenges. Keep in mind that in order to grow, you must first have an end in mind. Here are some goals to reach for in sophomore year:

Discover new extracurricular activities

Now that you’ve learned how to balance your course load and social life, it’s a great time to start diversifying your interests. Not only will this introduce you to new ideas and social circles, but it will also give you quality material for your college résumé. These days, a high GPA and diploma might qualify you, but what makes you stand out is extracurricular activities. 

We recommend you focus this year on exploring these options and pick a few to dedicate your attention to. On campus, you could join an academic club, philanthropic organization or athletic team. Off campus, you could take on a part-time job, find an internship or volunteer in a community project. These are just a few examples; there are many more at your disposal. Engaging in extracurricular activities shows colleges that you are a hard-working, well-rounded and active member in your community.

Foster supportive friendships

Freshman year was most likely fueled by late nights, study sessions and new friendships. As your courses get harder and your free time becomes sparse, be considerate of the friendships you are nurturing. Friends that offer genuine love and support have your best interests at heart. They will get you through stressful courses and tough life lessons. 

Look for friends you can study and celebrate with. Be wary of those that never seem interested in anything but the next social event. The friendships you form now can impact the rest of high school, for better or worse, so surround yourself with friends who share the same goals and are making strides to achieve them. 

In the same respect, be a good friend to others. Encourage their successes and help them be the best versions of themselves. Who knows, some of these friends might be here for a lifetime if you choose wisely.

Master life skills

Right now, you probably live with your family. Perhaps you already wash your own laundry, clean your room and cook your own meals. That’s wonderful! However, if you haven’t developed a knack for cooking yet, now’s the time to start. In preparation for college, you should get a head-start on conquering these essential life skills so when you do live on your own, you can rely on yourself to get it done. There’s nothing more frustrating than learning the hard way that whites need to be separate from your colors! 

This is an exciting time. You get to meet new friends, discover new hobbies and learn about subjects that really matter to you. Take advantage of your position as a sophomore and get a head start on the things that will matter in the long-run: your extracurricular activities, your  friendships and life skills. You’ll be thankful later in life that you didn’t delay in working toward these goals. Have a wonderful sophomore year!