Summer + Boot Camp = Thriving Teachers

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When you hear the word “summer” what do you think of? For many people, summer means vacations, time with friends, and travel. Warm nights after hot days. Thoughts of a less hectic schedule, to sleep in, lounge about, enjoy the pool, read, go to art and music festivals. Summer is viewed as a reward for all the rushing around we do during the school year, but it is also the perfect time to continue learning. 

Enroll Now in AZVTI Summer Boot Camp

The school year may be ending, but educators and leaders can take full advantage of Arizona Virtual Teacher Institute Summer Boot Camp. This training is provided at no cost to Arizona K-12 educators through the generous investment of the Arizona Department of Education, the Governor’s Office, Helios Education Foundation and Arizona State University.

This year’s Summer Boot Camp series offers 18 unique training sessions to choose from. Participants will be immersed in collaborative discussions and engaging tech tools during these live, guided workshops. Sessions begin June 7 and continue through July 14.

For just a few hours a day, three days a week (there are some 2-day sessions), attendees will earn professional development credit while gaining and strengthening the skills they need to succeed next year. Here are three of the training sessions offered this summer: 

  • Social-Emotional Learning and Trauma-Informed TeachingThrough a trauma-informed teaching lens, teachers create a healing environment where those who have suffered varied levels of trauma will feel supported and empowered. Learn how you can make your classroom a place where you and your students want to be together.
  • Understanding and Supporting Diverse Learners Teachers encounter a wide range of learners and learning styles. Participants will develop dispositions and skills which support all learners, ensuring increased access to equitable education for diverse students.  
  • Ed Tech Essentials: Collaboration with Digital Tools The intersection of technology and education allows teachers to deepen opportunities for student engagement and collaboration in the classroom. In this session, participants will gain hands-on experience with tools that allow students to work in real-time on projects and activities.

Check the AZVTI Training Calendar to view full session descriptions, dates and times offered, and to register. Arizona teachers can also find resources and training sessions at