How to Turn Your Interest Into a Career

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When you think about your favorite activities, do you ever wonder if it’s possible to make a career out of them? In many cases you can! Hobbies like writing, exercising, and even playing video games lend themselves to jobs in fields such as journalism, nutrition, and engineering. But how do you begin to turn your interest into a career? Let’s explore a few ways:

Research different jobs related to your interests

Before you can choose a career based on things you like, you have to know what kind of jobs already exist. For example, a field like communications has a multitude of different career paths under its umbrella, including journalism, public relations, and social media management. A great way to begin your search is by taking a career quiz, and me3 is a good place to start! Me3 is an interactive major and career quiz that helps you craft a pathway from college major to future career based on your interests and passions.

Sign up for college courses that relate to your future career pathway

It’s no secret that the major you choose in college will prepare you for your future career, but who says you have to wait until freshman year to begin exploring classes? Taking college courses while you’re still in high school is an excellent way to get a head start on college and your future career. ASU Prep Digital pairs students with learning success coaches who will work with them to design their personalized career pathway based on their interests. From there, they can enroll in university courses through ASU and earn both high school and college credit simultaneously.

Begin treating your hobby like a job

When you want to get better at your job, you spend time researching, learning, and practicing. You can use the same mindset to turn your interest into a career! From podcasts and blogs to books and videos, there are so many resources at your disposal that can help you dive deeper into your future field right now! Even devoting just 30 minutes a day to educating yourself will make a huge difference and put you ahead of the competition. And for even more tips on taking that first step, check out this blog post.

Ready to start prepping for your future career? Schedule a call with an admissions advisor to learn more about ASU Prep Digital. And if you want to learn more about career pathways, check out the post below:

Four Areas of Interest You Can Turn Into Career Pathways


What’s It Like to Take a Concurrent Course?

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Alexis Stratman, a senior at ASU Prep Digital, has always been a hard-working, independent learner.

“I like guidance and direction for some things,” Stratman said. “But I strive when I’m in charge of my own things and can work at my own pace.”

When she discovered she could apply her work ethic to an online learning environment where she could also kick start her college career, the choice was a no-brainer.

“I chose to enroll at ASU Prep Digital my junior year mainly because of the college credit component,” Stratman said. “They offer college courses and credit that don’t require taking AP tests.”

Since she enrolled, Stratman has successfully completed four college classes through ASU: college algebra, sociology, first-year composition, and economics. 

“I think my favorite course was college algebra because math is my best subject,” Stratman said. “Actually, I finished the course several weeks early, which gave me more time to focus on my first-year composition class.”

That’s the great thing about online learning: you get to work on your own time. The flexibility component makes it easy to work ahead, spend more time on classes you need a little help in, or free up time to do things you love.

“I am very active in competitive cheerleading and my team travels a lot throughout the year,” Stratman said. “I can work ahead and plan ‘off days’ so my travel schedule doesn’t interfere with my studies and I get a little break.”

Concurrent enrollment has not only given Stratman the opportunity to get comfortable taking college level courses, but it has also helped her get ahead of the competition.

“At the rate I’m completing my college classes, I’ll be in a position to enroll at ASU as a sophomore next fall,” Stratman said. 


“I think switching to online school was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”


Stratman has paved a successful path for herself and for those who want to follow in her footsteps, she offers this advice:

“I would definitely recommend taking a concurrent course,” Stratman said. “Some classes are harder than others, but they have prepared me for my future college courses. I know what it’s like to be responsible and I have been able to get an idea of how different professors teach and what their expectations are.”

And with graduation less than a year away, Stratman has her sights set on continuing her journey as a Sun Devil. 

“I’d like to major in business entrepreneurship at the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU,” Stratman said. “I can’t wait to see where I end up next fall with the help of ASU Prep Digital!”


Interested in learning more about taking a concurrent course at ASU Prep Digital? We’ll be outlining the benefits of concurrent enrollment here at ASU Prep Digital in our next blog post. In the meantime, sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on everything from events to enrollment deadlines.

The Best University Courses to Take in High School

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College may seem distant when you first enter high school, but it goes faster than you think. One of the best ways to get a head start is to enroll in university courses as a high school student. If you’re enrolled in a traditional school, you can join our community of learners at ASU Prep Digital and take individual university courses through ASU to earn college credit. Our full-time students work with their personal Learning Success Coach to design accelerated course pathways to college majors and careers.

Ready to challenge yourself? Here are some of the best university courses to start with:

First-Year Composition

First-Year Composition is a required general education course normally divided between two semesters. It teaches students how to read and write critically in a university setting.

At ASU Prep Digital, we offer the opportunity to take both ENG 101 and 102 through ASU, meaning you can finish an entire year of English courses before you even step on campus!


Along with the required English courses, you also need to take science courses to fulfill your general education requirements. Why not get a head start by enrolling in university classes as a high school student?

Incoming freshmen typically take biology as their first university science course. ASU offers BIO 101 in the form of BioBeyond, an introductory biology course that caters to every student through adaptive, personalized learning. The best part? ASU Prep Digital students can enroll in the class and earn both high school and college credit. You can check  out our course review here.

World Language

Students are required to take two consecutive years of a second language for college admission. Many high school students only receive high school credit for their language courses, but ASU Prep Digital students have an upper hand thanks to concurrent courses.

You can take either Spanish or French and earn both high school and college credit for the same course. Not only will you not have to take a second language in college, but you’ll also have a handful of college credits under your belt.


In addition to these introductory-level courses, ASU Prep Digital offers higher-level university courses where students can start earning credit in their major. Full-time students are eligible to take two free university courses each semester, saving them time and money when they arrive on campus.

Ready to become a Sun Devil? Check out the university course catalog and get started today.

Four Things to Complete on Your Senior Year Checklist

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Senior year is here, which means the excitement, and nerves, have already started to kick in. Even though many college applications don’t open up until late August/early September, it’s never too early to start checking items off your ‘to do’ list. Here are four things you should be doing during the fall semester of senior year:


Start researching scholarships

FAFSA isn’t the only way you can get financial assistance for college! Pick up a scholarship book or browse the web for scholarships you can apply for. There are millions of dollars up for grabs as long as you’re willing to put in the work and apply. Some of them don’t even require an essay, making it even easier to obtain money to offset the cost of college. You can begin your search here.

Ask for letters of recommendation

Do you have a favorite teacher or club advisor? Consider asking them to write you a letter of recommendation that you can submit with your college applications. These letters will give colleges a sense of who you are, why you’ll be successful at their institution, and how you’ll contribute to the school community. Be sure that whoever you’re asking knows you well so they can confidently speak to your positive attributes and add a personal touch!

Sign up for the SAT and/or ACT

Even if you took these tests during the spring semester, it doesn’t hurt to take them at least one more time in the fall if you’re looking to improve your scores. And if you didn’t take the exams during your junior year, then you’ll need to sign up for one of testing dates as soon as possible. The earliest SAT testing date is August 24, and the earliest ACT testing date is September 14. If you’re looking for extra practice and prep material, check out the ACT/SAT prep course we offer here.

Sign up for a college course

Enrolling in a college class enables you to get a feel for the coursework while earning credit that, in many cases, can be transferred to whichever school you attend next fall. ASU Prep Digital students can enroll in university courses through Arizona State University at a discounted rate (or for free if they’re a full-time Arizona high school student). Check out the course catalog and find a class that matches your interests or potential college major!

How Will College Benefit You in the Future?

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High school can be an exciting time. With classwork, friendships, first loves and first jobs, it can be hard to slow down and think about your future. Have you wondered if college should be part of the plan? It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Here are some reasons why it should be on your radar:

68% of jobs in Arizona will require post-secondary education by 2020. The workforce will be more competitive and more specialized. Being able to find a job and make a living wage in that environment are greatly improved with a college degree. 

Some of the fastest growing occupations will be in STEM, healthcare, and community services which require high levels of post-secondary education. If you are driven to help others, or you want to design and develop new computer systems, consider a career in nursing or computer science. Growing professions like these offer more plentiful job options and have a strong earning potential.

It’s no surprise that tomorrow’s workforce will be even more technical than today’s. They will be the next generation of innovators and problem solvers! Engineers, computer software developers, and alternative energy technicians will demand some of the highest salaries. Are you curious about solar technology or wind turbines? This is the future so let’s prepare you to be a valuable part of it.

Keep in mind that no matter what major you choose, you will be taking classes in a variety of subjects that will help enhance your problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and discussion skills. These are qualities employers are looking for and vital skills that will help you succeed in life. The benefits of a college education go well beyond a job.

High school is the perfect time to explore various areas of interest to find out what excites and inspires you.

Having the opportunity to take classes in art history, education, technology and business is just the first step in choosing your path forward. Taking these general college courses and concurrently knocking out high school credit will accelerate your time and cost to degree, and help you get on a career track that makes sense for you by the time you arrive to college. You will be ready for your major courses, instead of exploring and testing.

ASU Prep Digital offers accelerated pathways toward university admission and careers of the future. High school students take university courses through Arizona State University and start earning credit in their major. Courses like Computer Application and Information Technology, Engineering Perspectives on Biological Systems, Introduction to Health Innovation, and Exploration of Public Service Careers engage learners in ways that prepare them for the future.

College can open doors to a brighter, more prosperous life and career. With all this in mind, take some time to consider how your choices today could inspire your tomorrow. ASU Prep Digital has the resources to turn your plans into reality.


Check out career pathways you can embark on with us and the college courses available through ASU here.

College Enrollment Rate for Arizona High School Students Remains Static

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The Arizona Board of Regents conducted a report examining college enrollment in 2010-11 and 2016-17. Based on the research, only 52.6% of Arizona high school students enrolled in college in 2017, which means the rate remained static for four years.

It’s important to address this issue now because an estimated 65% of jobs will require a post-secondary degree by 2020. Students who choose not to continue their education are limiting their opportunities to earn higher wages, better overall health, and a lower unemployment rate.

In order to remain competitive, Arizona is moving toward a skills-based economy and the majority of jobs will require more education after high school.

According to The Arizona Republic, “High schools need to do a better job preparing students for college, and community colleges and universities need to focus more on helping students finish their degrees.” One significant factor attributing to the decrease in college enrollment rate may be expensive tuition rates.

One way ASU Prep Digital is tackling this issue is by offering full-time Arizona high school students the opportunity to enroll in college classes for free through Arizona State University. Students will learn from real ASU professors and earn college credit that can be transferred to universities across the country.

We believe every student should have the opportunity to pursue a post-secondary education, and we will provide them with the tools and mentorship to make sure this becomes a reality.

Find out how you can enroll today and begin an accelerated path toward university.