Is It Time to Try Concurrent Enrollment?

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It’s finally 2020! Can you believe it? The best part of a new year is getting to set new goals for yourself, whether it’s physical, mental, or educational. If you’ve been looking for a way to challenge yourself at school, and you’re ready to make a change, it may be time to try concurrent enrollment.

There are so many benefits to earning college credit in high school. Between learning time management skills and knocking some required college classes out of the way early, earning college credit is a great way to set yourself up for success.

But how can I earn college credit in high school?

There are a number of ways, but the most popular are dual enrollment and concurrent enrollment. While they’re similar, you’ll enroll in a major university with concurrent enrollment as opposed to a community college. That might not seem like a major difference, but you’d be surprised!

Concurrent enrollment at ASU Prep Digital enables students to take college courses with ASU. ASU is ranked #1 in the U.S. for innovation for the fifth year in a row and is recognized as a Research I university. You’ll be taught by real ASU professors, receive support from professors, teachers, and a Learning Success Coach, and have the opportunity to explore career pathways. Don’t believe us? Check out this student testimonial and see for yourself!

Alright, I’m ready to try concurrent enrollment! What now?

ASU Prep Digital is still accepting full-time applications for the spring semester. If you’d like to try concurrent enrollment through ASU, here are the enrollment deadlines and start dates:

  • Enroll by January 3 for a January 13 start date (half semester)
  • Enroll by January 3 for a January 13 start date (full semester)
  • Enroll by March 3 for a March 16 start date (full semester)

Complete the enrollment process here to begin your college career with ASU Prep Digital. We can’t wait to welcome you into our community of learners!

The Best University Courses to Take in High School

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College may seem distant when you first enter high school, but it goes faster than you think. One of the best ways to get a head start is to enroll in university courses as a high school student. If you’re enrolled in a traditional school, you can join our community of learners at ASU Prep Digital and take individual university courses through ASU to earn college credit. Our full-time students work with their personal Learning Success Coach to design accelerated course pathways to college majors and careers.

Ready to challenge yourself? Here are some of the best university courses to start with:

First-Year Composition

First-Year Composition is a required general education course normally divided between two semesters. It teaches students how to read and write critically in a university setting.

At ASU Prep Digital, we offer the opportunity to take both ENG 101 and 102 through ASU, meaning you can finish an entire year of English courses before you even step on campus!


Along with the required English courses, you also need to take science courses to fulfill your general education requirements. Why not get a head start by enrolling in university classes as a high school student?

Incoming freshmen typically take biology as their first university science course. ASU offers BIO 101 in the form of BioBeyond, an introductory biology course that caters to every student through adaptive, personalized learning. The best part? ASU Prep Digital students can enroll in the class and earn both high school and college credit. You can check  out our course review here.

World Language

Students are required to take two consecutive years of a second language for college admission. Many high school students only receive high school credit for their language courses, but ASU Prep Digital students have an upper hand thanks to concurrent courses.

You can take either Spanish or French and earn both high school and college credit for the same course. Not only will you not have to take a second language in college, but you’ll also have a handful of college credits under your belt.


In addition to these introductory-level courses, ASU Prep Digital offers higher-level university courses where students can start earning credit in their major. Full-time students are eligible to take two free university courses each semester, saving them time and money when they arrive on campus.

Ready to become a Sun Devil? Check out the university course catalog and get started today.