Top 10 Myths About Financial Aid

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There are so many misconceptions out there about financial aid. From when the deadline is to whether or not its worth even applying. We’ve all heard these financial aid myths and rumors, like, “the FAFSA is only for grant money” or “you make too much money.” And lastly, “You only have to fill out the FAFSA once.” 

Ah, hem… excuse us, but nope! None of the above are true.



We hear them every day and we’re here to tell you, the FAFSA is more than just a formality. There is a lot more to understand about applying for financial aid. In this article, US News & World Report shattered some of the biggest myths out there. We think they hit the nail on the head. Read more to learn about the truths behind the top 10 myths about financial aid. 

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