What is ASU Prep Digital?

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New trends and technology are changing how we do things all the time. So why should our approach to education be an exception? Let’s be real, the average student spends 6-10 hours a day on their mobile device—streaming videos, double tapping pictures, snapping friends and participating in threads all over the web. We’re way past the days of closed classrooms and blackboards. Endless learning opportunities are in the palm of our hands and students are already looking for them. From how-to videos to blog posts, our kids don’t have to wait to be taught anymore. Everything they want to know is already at their fingertips.  

Students need a school that can keep up with them, which is where online high school options step into the picture. But, there are a few options out there to earn a diploma online. What makes ASU Prep Digital uniquely different from other online schools?

A Rich History: Unlike other online schools, ASU Prep Digital has its roots in brick & mortar education. As Arizona State University’s online high school, ASU Prep Digital is deeply embedded in the innovative ecosystem of ASU. That’s right, a university ranked #1 in the U.S. for innovation, has opened a program for high school students. This provides students with access to valuable resources, leadership and career development opportunities. While blending some traditional learning styles with a 21st-century approach, ASU Prep Digital provides an introduction to the college experience through student events and mentorships. By being a part of this program high schoolers gain an incredible advantage, both in college credits and life credentials.

Concurrent College Enrollment Online: We’re not talking about AP courses, ASU Prep Digital offers high school students the opportunity to concurrently enroll in college level courses, with real professors. Rather than driving to a local community college and graduating with dual enrollment credits that may or may not transfer to a university, students can take concurrent enrollment courses online with ASU. What’s better, is when students finish these courses they earn real credits to take with them to whatever college or university they choose—putting them a few steps ahead their first year, saving valuable time and money and allowing them to avoid taking redundant general education courses as a freshman.

Cutting Edge Tech: Students enrolled at ASU Prep Digital have access to some of the most innovative technology available today. Imagine having class discussions via video conference with your Algebra teacher, right from your own living room. ASU Prep Digital has customized learning modules that set each student’s pace and provide direction based on real-time results from tests and projects. Also, ASU Prep Digital students have access to the me3 application. An innovative new tool that helps students pick a career path by choosing select images that fit their passion. They’re given three career matches based on their picks, with details like how many credits are required, annual salary for that job and much more.

All Inclusive:  ASU Prep Digital strives to help every student get ahead, regardless of their social or academic background. Since 2002, ASU has nearly doubled the number of undergraduates receiving Pell grants to 35.8%. That means more opportunities for more students—many who may have never considered a college education. Offering free full-time in-state tuition, ASU Prep Digital creates hope for high-school students in their college education and future careers.

A Perfect Fit: A student’s high school and postsecondary success are #1 priorities. That’s why ASU Prep Digital has created a unique learning environment that tailors to each student’s needs. Throughout their course experience, students are served with coursework and mentorship programs that meet them at their learning level and set a pace for how and when they work. It’s easy to give teachers real time feedback on each course, ask questions and even get one-on-one coaching from their professors. This is not just another “boring” online course experience, it’s a customized and collaborative learning experience.

This isn’t your average online high school option. This is an entirely new option that allows students to earn their high school diploma online and dual enroll in college courses online, at the same time. By taking those courses now with ASU Prep Digital, students get the chance to learn from the best, work toward high school graduation and start college with a few credits already completed. Saving valuable time and money once they get there. High school students can enroll part time or full time, offering the flexibility they need, paired with a learning environment that is built for them.

The mission at ASU Prep Digital is to graduate students ready for postsecondary success, regardless of academic or social background. The motto is simple “not by who we exclude, but rather by who we include and how they succeed.” ASU Prep Digital is a growing option for students all over the world. Check out the full course catalog and learn more, at ASUPrepDigital.asu.edu