Why ASU’s Thought Huddle Podcast is Edutainment at its Best

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Have you ever wondered what happens in your city’s sewer system after you send something down the drain in your home? Do you ever dream about how the world’s largest cities will function with fewer resources in the future?

Fear not, enquiring minds, ASU’s Thought Huddle podcast is now here. Thought Huddle highlights thinkers and doers devoted to creating a meaningful impact. It explores ideas, tells stories, and helps make sense of our nuanced and often elegantly chaotic world. (Watch the teaser video).

In each episode of Though Huddle, host Mary-Charlotte Domandi dives deep into a single topic that sometimes involves an in-depth, long-form conversation with a subject matter expert or a roundtable of brilliant minds who slice and dice one subject from multiple angles.

No matter the format, listeners are taken on a journey through cultural, historical, scientific, and societal nuances of topics we often take for granted or see only in one light. Broadway and history fans alike will get a kick out of Episode 1, which explores the communication genius of Alexander Hamilton, featuring input from both history professors and TV writers.

Other episodes involve a panel discussion with sustainability experts on how big cities can carve out a more livable future for their residents and a fascinating conversation with ASU scientist Rolf Halden on how America’s sewers are constantly monitored to determine the health of cities and communities.

Thought Huddle delivers a dose of edutainment for ASU Prep Digital students looking to supplement their education with some fun, entertaining, and enlightening tidbits.

Click here to listen to Thought Huddle. Click here to subscribe on iTunes to catch every new episode when it’s released.