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Active Clubs

Club sign ups start August 22nd and start week of September 5th.

Kindergarten – 5th

Book Club K–2 and 3–5
Love to read? Want to share that love of reading with other students? Join the book club! The book club offers students the opportunity to read and discuss stories with each other. Join us on a journey through books and stories!

K–2: Ms. Young, Thursdays @ 2:30pm
3–5: Ms. Scaife, Fridays @ 10:15am

Click here for sign up sheet.
Broadcasting Club 3–5
Broadcasting is a great opportunity for fifth graders to dive into the world of reporting. Our news station, The Spark!, is designed and led by our amazing students. This team publishes a weekly newscast under the direction of club sponsors. In addition, this team of students hosts Sparky’s Hang Out monthly. This is a time where broadcasting students lead choice breakout sessions like Minecraft, cooking, and coding with our 3rd - 5th graders. Our students love Sparky's Hangout! 3–5: Mrs. Brannan/Benites, Mondays @ 12:00pm Click here for sign up sheet.
Creative Writing 3–5
The 3-5 Creative Writing Club brings together students of all writing abilities who have an interest in creating fiction, nonfiction, and/or poetry. It provides a collaborative work space for members to write, share ideas, and provide feedback for each other's work.

3–5: Ms. Arbuckle, Mondays @ 10:15am

Click here for sign up sheet.
Mix It Up Art Club K–2 and 3–5
No two pieces of art are the same. The goal of Mix It Up Art Club is to foster and celebrate the unique approaches and thinking through fun projects. We have two clubs for this popular club based upon age.

K–2: Ms. Birch and Ms. Gomez, Thursdays @ 2:30pm
3–5: Ms. Arbuckle, Thursdays @ 7:00am

Click here for sign up sheet.
Pet Club K–2 and 3–5
Pet Club is a fun animal-centered club with the goal of celebrating pets! The club will share their own pets and focus on fun topics like: how to care for pets, etiquette and responsibility for our pets, how pets help with mental health, how to help pets and animals in our communities, learn about different breeds of pets what they were bred for, and their importance in history.

K–2: Mrs. Krause, Mondays @ 10:15am
3–5: Mrs. Krause, Thursdays @ 10:15am

Click here for sign up sheet.
STEAM K–2 and 3–5
The goal of the STEAM club is to nurture creativity and imagination while experiencing the engineering design process. Students participate in a series of design challenges in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art and math.

K–2: Ms. Stranz, Fridays @ 7:00am
3–5: Mr. Tribble, Fridays @ 10:15

Click here for sign up sheet.
Yoga K–2 and 3–5
Yoga is an opportunity for the ASU Prep community to learn strategies for a healthy body and a healthy mind. This popular club has students stretching and moving with a balanced mind.

K–2: Allen & Vanorski, Monday’s @ 10:00am
3–5: Allen & Vanorski, Monday’s @ 10:30am

Click here for sign up sheet.

Middle School

Creative Writing Club
Help Wanted - Anyone who likes writing stories, poems, songs, loves being creative, learning new ways to be a better writer and storyteller, and most importantly, wants to meet new friends!

Monday 12:00 pm AZ
Drama Club
Virtual play, audition practice, types of drama, plan performances and events, learn about tech and design, make lifelong friends.

Tuesday 1:00 pm AZ
Elementary Buddy Club
Buddy Club is a place to come and interact with your younger peers in exciting ways! There will be opportunities to read stories to the elementary students, complete fun activities together, and build lasting friendships and relationships. Hope to see you there!

Mondays 12:00pm AZ
Escape Room/Game Club
Learn how to create complex digital escape rooms and present to your peers. We will have fun and academic escape rooms to celebrate holidays and other fun times throughout the year.

Tuesdays 3:00pm AZ
Minecraft Club
Come join us and play Minecraft with friends! We will play together, share our worlds and sometimes join together on the educational platform.

Friday 3:00 pm AZ
Mindfulness Through Art Club
In mindfulness club we will use art and activities to help cope with stress, anxiety, attention, and focus.

Tuesday 1:00 pm AZ
We will have great discussions, play some trivia games and maybe even have a guest from the star wars universe.

Monday 4:00 pm AZ
Star Wars/Game Club
Come join us in a galaxy far far away to discuss your favorite Star Wars characters, planets, droids, legos, books, tv shows and movies. We will share our fan stories, celebrate our love of the books, comics, and movies together.

Monday 12:00 pm AZ
The goal of the STEAM club is to nurture creativity and imagination while experiencing the engineering design process. Students participate in a series of design challenges in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Tuesday 2:00 pm AZ

High School

Book Club
A story is always better if you have someone to share it with. What could be better than sharing it with a group of friends who like to read, too? Student Book Club offers students the opportunity to read and discuss books of their choosing, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, mystery, etc. Discussions are student-led, fun, and informal.
Chess Club
Do you play chess? Do you wish you did?! Human beings have been playing a version of this game for over 1,400 years - join the chess club to find out why people are fascinated with this simple game of strategy. New, beginning and experienced players are all welcome. Have fun with friends and make new ones!
Drama Club
ASU PD High School Drama Club offers students opportunities to investigate drama and theatre, as well as to participate in student and teacher-led dramatic activities, such as improvisational skits, dialogues, monologues, poetry readings, play-writing, and live performance. No tryouts/auditions are necessary, all are welcome!
French Club
Do you dream of traveling to France or Europe one day? If your answer is "yes," then French Club is for you! Join us as we take a deep dive into French music, movies, fashion, food, travel, & MORE! Not enrolled in French? No problem! All are welcome!
Gaming Club
Who doesn’t love to play games? Join us for the 3rd year of the ASUPD gaming club. We do all things gaming, we talk about and play games. The gaming club will also host a community game night!
Model UN
Model United Nations is an academic based club to help students learn about world politics, sharpen their debate and negotiation skills, and participate in conferences!
Movie Club
Are you interested in movies? Movie club is the place to discuss your favorite movies, explore current trends in film, or even create/share your own film project. There will be new themes every week chosen by club members. Come stop by to share about your favorite movie or something you have created!!
Science/Vet Club
Learn all about creatures, great and small! If you are interested in working with animals, either in the veterinary field or just to learn about animal husbandry, then please join us to learn more about the animal kingdom! You will be presented with volunteer opportunities, as well as engaging field trips!
Student Ambassadors
The Student Ambassador Program is a student volunteer opportunity which allows students to represent our school in a way that shows positivity, support and kindness to new students joining our ASUPD family. If you want to give service to others, give back to your ASUPD community, represent ASUPD, earn volunteer hours for Senior Seminar and/or Scholarship Applications, and meet new friends, then this is the Club for you! Do you love to help others? Do you remember that anxious feeling of being a new student? Would you love to meet new people? If so, perhaps you were meant to be a Student Ambassador! This is a new offering for students to take a helpful, leadership role in our school community! As a Student Ambassador, you will be matched with new students to help be a support and guide for them as they join our school! We know that LSCs and teachers are great supports for students, but there is nothing better than having a student expert to help answer questions that arise for new students! As a Student Ambassador, you will be one of the first people our new students will meet! What a great opportunity to make new students feel welcome and be a leader and great representative for our school!
Student Blog
Do you want to be a published writer? Join the Blog! All bloggers' work will be published on the ASUPD website. We meet weekly to discuss our monthly topics, peer review, and have fun writing activities. Our topics are chosen by the bloggers themselves!
Student Government
Student Government is a great way for students to expand their leadership skills and impact school culture at ASU Prep Digital. As a representative body of students, officers keep students informed about news and events, fundraise for student activities, coordinate dances, spirit days, and more. In addition, they will work on a volunteer basis to serve as liaisons between the current ASU community and prospective students.