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Giving Time Gives Back: The Value of Student Volunteerism

Volunteerism has a positive and far-reaching impact both on the communities it serves and also on those who serve their communities. In fact, student volunteerism has proven value for high school students. Not only does volunteer work contribute to academic success, but it can also be a key factor in a student’s overall development.

08.08.2018 - Mike Kasper

Top 6 Questions About Enrollment at ASU Prep Digital

With the start of the new school year comes a lot of decisions to finalize your class schedule. If you’re considering enrolling as a student at ASU Prep Digital, here are answers to some of the biggest questions we hear about enrollment.

08.02.2018 - Tracy Hansen

How These Parents Catered to Three Learning Styles With Online Education

The greatest misconception about online high school is what it means. Like an abstract painting, online education takes on a new definition and purpose depending on the needs or learning styles of the individual student. There’s no better embodiment of that than the Lisciarelli family.

07.18.2018 - Stefanie Contreras

Back-to-School Prep Hacks to Make the New School Year a Breeze

It’s no secret that preparedness is one of the keys to success. With a new school year approaching, that last thing you need is to kick things off by feeling behind. Not to mention, starting the semester feeling organized and prepared can help you knock your academic goals out of the park. Even if you are just starting your freshman year, what you do now has an effect on graduation and beyond.

07.11.2018 - Jill Rogier

How Does It Feel to Take a College Course in High School?

Taking a college course in high school is not a new phenomenon. Between AP classes, dual enrollment, and concurrent enrollment, which we offer here at ASU Prep Digital, there are many options for students who want to take more challenging courses and get ahead of the competition. However, the idea of taking a college level class can be a bit intimidating.

07.06.2018 - ASU Prep Digital

ASU Prep Digital CEO, Julie Young, Interviewed on the TeachThought Podcast

Using virtual education, ASU Prep Digital is working to remove barriers that prevent or inhibit high school students from moving on to higher education. In this episode of the TeachThought Podcast, Drew Perkins is interviews Julie Young, the Deputy VP and CEO of Arizona State University.

06.22.2018 - ASU Prep Digital

Learning Agility: Harnessing the Power of Failure

Think about your adjustment period when you first entered the workforce: colleagues driving you mad with their opinions, work-life balance challenges, micromanaging bosses, team meeting tangents, fire drills—and so much more. Add to these challenges the fact that today’s market requires fast, nimble response to market demands through new processes, systems, or technologies. Our global marketplace thrives on change and innovation but offers little time to learn what is needed to achieve either! How do we prepare students for a workplace that demands consistent performance in spite of these challenges?

06.20.2018 - Amy McGrath