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What is Socialization Like in an Online High School?

The myths of socialization in online learning have long been debunked, but the question still remains: what does socialization in an online high school actually look like? For ASU Prep Digital senior Hannah Stewart, it looks like joining clubs that align with her interest, taking on leadership roles, and becoming a role model for other students in the community.

01.22.2020 - ASU Prep Digital

Socialization in Online Learning vs Traditional High School

People tend to assume that online students miss out on the socialization component of high school. However, the truth is that socialization is a huge component of the online learning experience, and similar to that of a traditional high school setting! Let’s take a closer look:

01.17.2020 - ASU Prep Digital

Socialization Myths in Online Learning

Education plays an integral role in teaching social skills and cues, immersing students in diversity, and introducing students to different social situations. Because of this, many believe that students who enroll in online schools miss out on the socialization component. Read on to find out how we debunk a few socialization myths in online learning.

01.13.2020 - ASU Prep Digital

ASU Prep Digital CEO, Julie Young, Discusses Education on the Getting Smart Podcast

In case you missed it, our very own Julie Young was recently interviewed on the Getting Smart podcast.

01.10.2020 - ASU Prep Digital

Is It Time to Try Concurrent Enrollment?

It’s finally 2020! Can you believe it? The best part of a new year is getting to set new goals for yourself, whether it’s physical, mental, or educational. If you’ve been looking for a way to challenge yourself at school, and you’re ready to make a change, it may be time to try concurrent enrollment.

01.03.2020 - ASU Prep Digital

Benefits of Concurrent Enrollment at ASU Prep Digital

From developing time management skills to saving money on college tuition, concurrent enrollment helps students kickstart their college careers. But how is concurrent enrollment at ASU Prep Digital different than dual enrollment? ASU Prep Digital embeds the university experience into high school, giving students an accelerated path toward university admission and future careers. Let’s take an even closer look at some of the benefits of concurrent enrollment at ASU Prep Digital:

01.01.2020 - ASU Prep Digital

What’s It Like to Take a Concurrent Course?

Interested in what concurrent enrollment looks like from a student perspective? Check out this student spotlight of Alexis Stratman, a senior at ASU Prep Digital who has taken four courses with ASU!

12.30.2019 - ASU Prep Digital

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