You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.


You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.


You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.


You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.


You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.

Prep for college. Prep for careers. Prep for life.

At ASU Prep Digital online high school you’ll enjoy flexibility, collaborate with students around the world, earn college credit, and gain a competitive advantage on your path to higher education.

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A course schedule for anyone.

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Full-time high school students can take all of their courses with us and earn a diploma. They can also take concurrent university courses and accelerate their path to college and careers.

Part-time students may take one or two online courses with us while attending another school. These can be high school, university or concurrent courses where students earn both high school and university credit.

Discovery Learning

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The flexibility to get ahead.

We’re an online K–12 school, so you can study on your schedule and leave time each day for the things you’re passionate about.

We’re also a world class university, so you can work at your own pace and take university courses that give you both high school and college credit. This puts you on an accelerated path toward your college major or career.

We are a college prep school with the expectation all students graduate and earn college credit while in high school. Every student can succeed, and we’ll help you design a path to reach your goals no matter where you start from.

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Two-minute course tours.

Join one of our ASU Prep Digital students as she takes you on a tour of a typical course. You’ll walk through daily lessons and activities, testing, gradebook, live lessons and more. You can also get a tour from a parent or teacher perspective.

Two-Minute Course Tours
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Surround yourself with support.

Online Teachers provide direct instruction and progress monitoring via live group webinars, one-on-one video chats, phone calls, text and emails.
Success Coaches provide mentoring and support as well as assist students with college and career goal setting.
University Professors create course materials, deliver recorded video lessons and provide help during online office hours.
Families provide an essential role in our student success and are actively involved in developing and monitoring Individualized Learning Plans.

Live Lesson Video

what students are saying

I can still learn the way I like to learn, on my own time, but I can also learn with peers and a teacher as a guide not a lecturer. I’m excited to learn outside the box with peers to make a better world.

– L.W.

This is a very rigorous and challenging program and that is exactly what I want for myself. I love a good challenge and I recognize that I thrive when I’m pushed to work hard.

– K.C.

Main focus is a learning community. I thrive learning with other students through discussion and debate, especially when I am a part of a small group of students who support and challenge each other.

– P.D.

I’m not an outgoing person but after learning more about this program I think it would be a good idea to push myself.

– J.S.

Most of the time school is memorizing the book and putting it down on paper. I want to use critical thinking and hone in on the reason why.

– E.K.

I want to be ahead. If I can get two years done in one, that’s good for me… I’m going to succeed earlier, the earlier the better.

– A.A.

Popular Questions

More FAQs
Will I be sitting in front of a computer all day?

Absolutely not! While your curriculum is based online, you will complete offline activities such as lab work, research, reading, and collaboration with community, university and business partners to help deepen your understanding through experiences that engage you outside the virtual classroom.

What does a typical day look like?

This depends on you, your schedule, and how you best learn. While you'll have a pace chart that guides what work is due weekly, it's up to you to structure your days. You may find yourself working in a course, attending live lessons, doing offline research and participating in student clubs. There are countless opportunities and ways to tailor your schedule.

While you will attend online classes with peers throughout the world, you will also have face-to-face opportunities in your community through academic and social events. To get a detailed look at a day-in-the life of our students, check out the student story videos.

Student Stories
How will I interact with other students?
In numerous ways! Amazing teachers, technology tools and rigorous college prep coursework lay the foundation for a unique learning experience. At ASU Prep Digital, we help you gain the knowledge and training that will allow you to connect with peers both locally and across the globe. You will have the opportunity to complete projects, collaborate in live lessons, engage in discussion posts and more, with your online peers.
What time does school start and end each day?

Nope, it doesn’t work that way at ASU Prep Digital. While your teachers will plan specific times to meet with students to conduct live lessons, collaborate, or host tutoring sessions, your day starts and ends when YOU decide. To meet the rigor and demands of a college prep curriculum, a typical full-time student spends approximately 30 hours per week engaged in courses.

Some students love this freedom while others may struggle to figure out a groove. Don’t will have your very own Learning Success Coach to help you every step of the way.

What if I fall behind and/or struggle?
Finding your groove and navigating multiple classes and the rigor of college prep courses can sometimes be challenging. We get that. So much that we provide you with a Learning Success Coach that will be there to guide you during your entire high school experience. Our goals for you are simple: graduate high school, seamlessly move on to attain your college degree, then compete in the global job market and contribute to your community. What do we do if it seems the work is too advanced? Contact your teacher for any questions about the coursework.

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