Lights, camera, action! ASU Prep Digital 4th grader Lucas Moran in the spotlight

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Lucas Moran, ASU Prep Digital 4th grader, is not your average student. He’s juggling a busy schedule filled with auditions, rehearsals, vocal and acting coaching, not to mention performances in theater, commercials, print, and film.

Thanks to the flexible online learning offered by ASU Prep Digital, Lucas can chase his dreams without missing a beat in his education. Whether he’s practicing multiplication or rehearsing a challenging role, Lucas’s dedication is clear: one day, he’ll grace the grand stages of Broadway or inspire others as a drama professor.

Lucas Moran in a show

Let’s give a standing ovation for Lucas Moran, the young star who’s proving that with passion and flexibility, the world truly is his stage! Read Lucas’s story on page 8 of the January 2024 issue of Epic Kids.