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You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.


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You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.

Social Activities


Socializing is Learning

Research shows that social and emotional learning is key to student success in school and life. At ASU Prep Digital we curate activities to help students grow both inside and outside the classroom. Activities are not only fun, but designed to build relationship skills, social awareness, self-management, self awareness and responsible decision making.

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Socializing in an Online World

We’re busting the myth that online school means missing out on the social aspects of in-person learning. Our teachers, parents and students make social interaction and peer connection a priority and many students find it easier to make friends and get involved from the safety of our online classrooms. 



We have dozens of clubs for all ages and interests—books, art, math, drama, diversity, student government and more. See a list of active clubs.

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Family Events

Families gather for online events including movie night, game night, coffee chat with principals, and local in-person activities and field trips.

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Just For Fun

Created and run by students, these popular activities range from virtual talent shows and show-and-tell to spirit week and the student film fest.


Guest speakers, math challenges, reading competitions, Exam Week support and Family University make up a few of the educational activities.

Special Interests

Students and families gather in-person or online to celebrate diversity, support charities, spark conversation and raise awareness of important issues.

Accelerated Programs

ASU invites Sun Devils of all ages to participate in activities throughout the year including homecoming events and Future Sun Devil Family Day.

Just a Few of Our Activities (subject to change)


Elementary Clubs

Our news station, The Spark! publishes a weekly newscast under the direction of club sponsors.
Mix it Up Art Clubs (K–2 and 3–5)
No two pieces of art are the same. These gatherings foster and celebrate the unique approaches through fun projects.
STEAM (K–2 and 3–5)
Students participate in design challenges to nurture creativity and imagination during the engineering design process.
Skills with Coach
This PE club is for any student who wants to feel successful participating in a variety of physical activities, while learning about healthy choices.
Yoga K–2 and 3–5
In this popular club, students learn strategies for a healthy body and mind while stretching and moving.
And More
We also have elementary clubs for students interested in peer tutoring and Spanish.

MS Club

Middle School Clubs

This group is a safe, inclusive space for all of us. This student-led, advisor-facilitated group will create resources, engage in conversation, and advocate for change!
National Junior Honor Society
The National Junior Honor Society is committed to developing Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, and Citizenship.
Broadcasting Club
This club will produce our middle school newscast and special broadcasts throughout the year.
Digital Photography
This club’s goal is to create a tribe of like-minded individuals who want to improve their skills in photography, encourage each other in artistic expression, gain feedback on their work, and be inspired to reach their potential.
A love for animals and an interest in veterinary medicine bring students together for events and socializing.
And More
We also have middle school clubs for students interested in gaming and math.


High School Clubs

Student Government
Leaders foster community among peers by hosting events such as the K-12 Talent Show and Diversity Student Panels.
Forks Up Lounge
The social gathering spot for high school students, this is the place where students can meet up daily outside the classroom to share interests and lively conversation.
ASU Student Blog
Students in this club write and edit all the articles you see on the student blog page.
Here 4 U
H4U is in partnership with Home Base Initiative, an ASU student-led group that takes a research-based approach to educating, encouraging, and supporting adolescents in their social and emotional development.
Body Project Club
The Body Project is a body confidence program where students help others be kinder to themselves and their bodies, appreciate their bodies more, and support each other.
And More
We also have high school clubs for students interested in gaming, science, books, architecture, Amnesty International, psychology, drama, writing, peer tutoring, diversity and inclusion, Mu Alpha Theta and National Honor Society.


Family Activities

We love our ASU Prep Digital families and try to get them involved where ever we can, both for education and for fun. Our families gather online for movie nights, guest speakers and interactive game time. They gather in person for pizza parties, club outings, community service, and special events.

Events Calendar 


Field Trips

Virtual field trips are cool, but we also gather classmates in-person at interesting locations to socialize and learn together. The schedule of events for the current school year is still up in the air due to COVID.


Community Events

Our students are passionate about helping their communities. Students gather often to lend a hand to local non-profits. Past events have included food drives, bake sales, cleanups, marches, and fund-raising activities involving running, walking, cycling and dog walking.


Conversations & Celebrations

Whether it’s cultural holidays or important issues of the day, we gather together to share and discuss any chance we get. Student government and other clubs host these voluntary conversations and celebration events.