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  • How is this different from a traditional high school?

    In a traditional high school, your class schedule and day is planned for you. Most often, what you learn each day is decided by someone else.

    At ASU Prep Digital, you decide what your day looks like. Need extra tutoring in math…go for it! Feel like working all day just on your biology project…that works too! We encourage a personalized pace, and we will support you if you advance more quickly or need extra time to be successful.

  • Are the courses 100% online?

    Yes! Your coursework is entirely, 100% online and you can study in your pajamas if you choose! Just be sure to comb your hair before you turn on your webcam for class!

    That’s not to say we don’t like to socialize! We will host face-to-face events at Arizona State University and other ASU Preparatory campuses through the year. These experiences include leadership workshops, special interest groups based on academic interests, Night of the Open DoorFuture Sun Devil Family events and various summer programs.

  • Will I have a real teacher for every course?

    Yes! While we love technology and innovation, we know teachers are the driving force behind your learning experience at ASU Prep Digital. You will interact regularly with a highly qualified, instructor for each course, as well as have ongoing conversations with your Learning Success Coach. We might be a little biased, but we think our teachers are AMAZING!

  • Is it okay to work ahead?

    Absolutely! The full curriculum is available to you on day one. We encourage all students to work at the pace that meets your learning needs. At ASU Prep Digital, we will continually challenge you to be the co- designer of your educational experience and finishing a course early is just one perk of attending school with us.

    On the flip side, you might need extra time to complete certain projects or assignments. You will work together with your teacher and Learning Success Coach to customize your learning experience that works for YOU!

  • What is the time commitment for a college level course?

    The Arizona Board of Regents, the governing board for ASU, NAU, and the U of A, has a policy for how much time students should invest in their courses: “A minimum of 45 hours of work by each student is required for each unit of credit.” Therefore, in a 3-credit course, students should expect to invest 45 hours in class meetings (or the online equivalent), as well as 90 hours doing homework and assignments—a total of 135 hours.

  • Will there be weighted grades?

    You bet! ASU Prep Digital courses are considered part of an honors curriculum. In addition, we offer a series of college-level courses and international benchmark exam prep. All courses at the advanced level earn a weighted grade when a student earns a grade of 97% (A*) and higher.

  • What are the graduation requirements?

    Just like all Arizona high school graduates, we ensure that each student meets the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) university admissions requirements. You are required to complete 4 years of English, mathematics, 3 years of lab sciences, 3 years of social sciences, 2 years of foreign language, and 1 year of fine arts and other electives to meet the graduation requirements.

    What sets ASU Prep Digital apart from traditional school is HOW you earn your graduation requirements. You will work at your pace – on your schedule – and with the opportunity to earn college credits along the way.

Student life

  • Will I be sitting in front of a computer all day?

    Absolutely not! While your curriculum is based online, you will complete offline activities such as lab work, PALs (Personal Applications of Learning), apprenticeships and collaboration with community, university and business partners to help deepen your understanding through experiences that engage you outside the virtual classroom.

  • What does a typical day look like?

    Your day depends on your learning style. Do you prefer to focus on one subject a day or does mixing it up with six subjects a day sound more appealing to you? Our live lesson schedule is coming soon. This will be a great guide for planning a student’s week.

    While you will attend online classes with peers throughout the world, you will have face-to-face opportunities in your community through mentorships and other academic and social events.

  • How will I interact with other students?

    In numerous ways! Amazing teachers, technology tools and rigorous college prep coursework lay the foundation for a unique learning experience. At ASU Prep Digital, we help you gain the knowledge and training that will allow you to connect with peers both locally and across the globe.

    You will have the opportunity to complete projects, collaborate in live lessons, engage in discussion board posts and more, with your online peers. You will also engage with international experts and peers around the world through events such as connecting with students in Singapore to work on a project, practicing language with students in Spain, or solving a world problem with a leading global expert.

  • What time does school start and end each day?

    Nope, it doesn’t work that way at ASU Prep Digital. While your teachers will plan specific times to meet with students to conduct live lessons, collaborate, or host tutoring sessions, your day starts and ends when YOU decide. To meet the rigor and demands of a college prep curriculum, a typical full-time student spends approximately 30 hours per week engaged in courses.

    Some students love this freedom while others may struggle to figure out a groove. Don’t worry…you will have your very own Learning Success Coach to help you every step of the way.

  • What if I fall behind and/or struggle?

    Finding your groove and navigating multiple classes and the rigor of college prep courses can sometimes be challenging. We get that. So much that we provide you with a Learning Success Coach that will be there to guide you during your entire high school experience.

    Our goals for you are simple: graduate high school, seamlessly move on to attain your college degree, then compete in the global job market and contribute to your community.

  • Can I join sports or extracurricular offerings?

    Yes. Students will have both online and on-site opportunities through Arizona State University and other ASU Prep Academy sites to participate in extracurricular offerings.

    Here are a few examples of our online extra-curricular opportunities:

    • National Honor Society
    • Student Government
    • STEM Club
    • Speech and Debate Club
    • Book Club
    • Art Club

For parents/guardians

  • Can my child walk in the graduation ceremony?

    Yes! Every student who is graduating from ASU Prep Digital is invited to participate in all senior activities, including our graduation ceremony. Please visit for more information.

  • Is ASU Prep Digital Accredited?

    Yes we are! We are accredited through AdvancED.

  • Is ASU Prep Digital NCAA approved?

    Yes we are! ASU Prep Digital courses are approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

  • Is my child a good fit for ASU Prep Digital?

    While we believe that there is no one size fits all approach to learning, we are committed to using the best innovations in digital learning to meet the needs of all learners and create a customized experience for each and every student.

    Let’s talk about your specific child and learning needs.

  • What are the expectations for family involvement?

    We love our ASU Prep Digital families and we know they play an essential role in the success of our students. We ask that each of our families take an active role in the education of their child as well as our school community.

    We partner with families to attend orientation and Individualized Learning Plan conferences four times each year. ASU Prep Digital also offers both online and face-to-face opportunities to keep our families involved throughout the school year.

  • How many college credits can my child earn?

    There is no set limit on number of college credits a student can earn. Your child will have the opportunity to take Arizona State University online courses while supported by ASU Prep Digital faculty.

    Additionally, If you enroll in ASU Prep Digital full time and successfully graduate with at least a 3.0 GPA, you meet the requirements for admission to Arizona State University. You will also meet the Arizona Board of Regents admissions requirements for the other state universities. Our College Going Advisor will support you every step of the way as you make your post-secondary plans.

  • Can my child transfer to another ASU Prep Academy?

    Yes. Students have the option of transferring to another ASU Prep Academy. Due to the rigor of the curriculum, and to ensure a change doesn’t impact academic progress, you would discuss the transfer with your child’s Learning Success Coach. The student would need to meet the enrollment requirements and be added to a waitlist, if one existed, at the school they were wanting to enroll at.


  • Is ASU Prep Digital a good fit for me?

    We believe that EVERY student can achieve a post-secondary education and have designed our coursework and mentorship programs to make that belief a reality. If you want access to world-class coursework embedded with adaptive digital technology, ASU Prep Digital is right for you.

    Don’t sweat it if you’ve never taken an online course. We have an in-depth student orientation course that you will take before you start your courses that will set you up for success. You’ll also have a Learning Success Coach that will be with you every step of the way during your high school career to help you achieve your goals.

  • What’s the difference between part and full time?

    Part-time students will complete a minimum of one course per year as a supplement to their coursework at another school or homeschool studies.

    Full-time students will complete all coursework, including the opportunity to complete college courses at Arizona State University, while attending ASU Prep Digital.

  • Am I eligible to enroll?

    Looking for a head start on college, while working from anywhere on your own schedule? Then we would be happy to chat with you to see if ASU Prep Digital is a good fit for you!

    We are currently looking to enroll students in grades 9 through 12 who are ready to become global thinkers and leaders and are excited about taking charge of their future by improving their leadership skills and building a portfolio of work that will give you a competitive edge as you move into college.

  • How do I enroll?

    We are thrilled you want to be a part of ASU Prep Digital! Click here to enroll.

    Have a few questions? No problem! Please reach out to us:

  • When is enrollment?

    Right now! Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year. You can begin online high school courses at any time and courses take approximately 4-5 months per semester.

    Full-time Arizona students need to enroll for fall during one of the following windows:

    Early Enrollment* – May 15-June 15

    High School Enrollment – June 16-July 15

    Last Chance Enrollment for Full-time High School** – July 16-Aug 19

    Last Chance Enrollment for Full-time High School Condensed Session** – Aug 20-Oct 7

    *During Early Enrollment the application fee is waived and you may save on individual course tuition. Ask your admissions advisor for details.

    **There are course restrictions in this cohort, please ask your admissions advisors for details.

  • How much does it cost?

    There are a couple of options for you: Full-time Arizona students can attend ASU Preparatory Academy Digital for free – we are an Arizona public charter school.

    For part-time and out-of- state students, we have a tuition-based option.

    There are many factors that influence tuition, please contact an admissions advisor for a personalized price quote. Schedule a call »

  • Can I transfer credits after I’m enrolled?

    It depends. Contact Tracy to talk specifically about your transcript and how we can incorporate any academic credits to your transcript.

    The good news is that if a student can demonstrate competency in a course they have completed by passing ASU Prep Digital assessments, they will earn a competency credit for the course. Competency credits are shown on the transcript but are not calculated in the student’s grade point average.

    Tracy Hansen
    Admissions Advisor
    Toll Free 844-692-3372

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