13 Business Ideas for Teens

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Simple Business Ideas That An Entrepreneurial Teen Could Start Now

Believe it or not, many global leaders cut their teeth early on in life as “kidpreneurs” or teen business owners. Many people have formed great companies from simple ideas that they started noodling about when they were in their high school. For most teenagers the motive to start a small business is simple — they need money! But the spirit of true entrepreneurship comes from when people see a problem or a demand and, through creative enterprise, they come up with a solution to meet that need or demand.

There are hundreds of business ideas just waiting to be discovered. A teen can start by figuring out what they’re good at, what drives them and what they have access to.

Check out these 13 teen business ideas that any highschooler could start tomorrow:

1. Academic Tutor

Are you head of your class? Do you like to work one-on-one with other students your age or younger? Consider tutoring as a great side job. Pick a specific subject that you feel confident to tutor in or maybe expand your services to SAT/ACT Prep tutoring and help other students prepare.

2. Child Care

By far one of the most popular jobs amongst teens is babysitting. Sure, you can make some good money as a “sitter,” but think beyond the basics. A savvy teen could step up their game by providing other in-home services, like house-cleaning, errand delivery/pick-up, and even pet care. Get certified in CPR/First-aid and collect references from past families to provide an even more premium service for your clients.

3. Blogging/Podcasting

If you are a talented writer or have a passion for the theatrical, maybe blogging or podcasting is for you. Setting up a blog, writing interesting content and eventually getting enough traffic to your site can take some time, but pays out in the end. The more traffic you have, the more you can potentially make from advertisements on your site. With a relevant podcast, you can cover topics that interest you, host guests and fellow students on your show. Once you have a platform and a few listeners, you can invite local and even national businesses to become sponsors of your podcast.

4. Inventor

Inventing something isn’t just limited to a product; it can even be an idea or a concept that doesn’t exist “out there” right now. Intellectual Property is just as valuable as an actual product you create. Take the steps to do your research, talk with other entrepreneurs who have walked this path before and get your patent, prototype or idea on the path to becoming a reality.

5. Lawn Care

Lawn care can be a very lucrative teen business idea if you have transportation and equipment. You’d be surprised at how many neighbors would be happy to stop paying a large company to mow their lawn and instead throw some cash your way. Build your client base quickly with word of mouth marketing, door-to-door flyers and even yard signs.

6. Computer Setup/Tech Support

If you’re good with computers or technology, there is a huge demand for in-home tech services. People know that they have to keep their computers, smartphones and TV’s current, but may lack the know-how and time to set them up correctly. You can also provide a “help-line” where customers can call or text with you to get help solve their tech issues.

7. Graphic Design

There are dozens of online vendors that act as a directory for designers to custom create a logo or t-shirt design for clients. Companies like 99designs.com, fiverr.com, and threadless.com provide artists opportunities to compete for dollars when they submit designs that meet a customer’s needs. If the customer likes your design, you win and get paid the sum you agreed upon.

8. Musician

If you’re musically inclined, you can start a business with a band or as an individual musician — playing weddings or events. The local coffee shop or wine bar are perfect venues to get your name out there and hone your craft at the same time.

9. Event Photographer

Photography has become a very popular side-business amongst teens. Most teens have a leg-up in the game because they have a better understanding of new technology and an eye for what’s trending. There is a significant investment up front in quality equipment but if you can make a great plan and start winning some business, you can see a return on your investment in a flash!

10. Farmers Market Vendor

Farmers markets are popping up everywhere in every small to large town. If you have space and the ability to grow food in your home or garden, you can start a booth at your local farmer’s market to sell those homegrown food items. Or maybe you have a knack for handmade crafts like jewelry, candles or soap. Locals love to buy locally grown or made products.

11. E-commerce Reseller

Hit the local garage sales, thrift stores, and estate sales and buy items that you know can turn a profit online. Ebay, Etsy, and Craigslist are just some of the larger venues to get cash for your finds. Make sure you consider shipping costs and packaging when you resell.

12. Home Repair

If your pretty handy with tools and own a few or can borrow some from your parents, think about doing some on-call home repair or a refurbishing business. Fix a creaky door, change out light bulbs for an elderly person or tune up a bike; any of these jobs are simple but can be too time-consuming for people and that’s where you can solve a problem and make some cash.

13. Personal Shopper

Are you a fashionista? Good at finding deals and matching trends and tastes for other people? Maybe being a personal shopper is a good fit. Styling another person’s wardrobe or home can feel strange at first, but the truth is people really struggle to find the right clothes and shoes for the right occasion. Find clients who have a busy work schedule and may not be able to pick things out for themselves.

Starting a teen business is a great way to get on the path of having an entrepreneurial mindset, which will help you with all of your future endeavors, whether you choose to be a business owner or not.