ASU Preparatory Academy Joins the 2021-2022 League of Innovative Schools Cohort

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As a school committed to innovation, ASU Preparatory Academy is proud to announce it was one of 37 districts across the U.S. selected to join the ranks of the 2021-2022 League of Innovative Schools cohort. 

The League of Innovative Schools cohort is a nationwide network of educators launched in 2011 by the U.S. Department of Education. It exists to connect and support the most forward-thinking leaders, groundbreakers, and early adopters in education. Each year, districts from across the country apply to be a part of this exclusive cohort, which focuses its efforts on creating and advancing innovative teaching and learning systems and practices. 

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to present challenges in all industries, but especially in education. ASU Preparatory Academy is joining the League of Innovative Schools cohort during a time when creativity and innovation are desperately needed to help support school districts experiencing racial, economic, and educational inequities. 

ASU Preparatory Academy was invited to join this year’s cohort because of its ability to address some of the most difficult challenges in education today, including making access to college more equitable, adapting to the needs of diverse learners, and providing a successful model of how 1:1 support can help students achieve their best. 

ASU Preparatory Academy offers high school students the ability to test-drive college classes with Universal Learner Courses offered online at ASU. Open to everyone, these courses allow students to earn university credit without the high-stakes testing, such as those required by AP courses. 

In addition, their K–12 course content offers teachers full flexibility to add or rearrange content to meet the needs of their students. Plus, they use innovative learning technology to put students on a personalized path to success, enabling equity and access for students by adapting to meet the individual needs of diverse learners. 

Finally, all students in ASU Preparatory programs have a Learning Success Coach who provides academic and emotional support and acts as the student’s school counselor, academic advisor, and college and career advisor. By monitoring progress and meeting with students individually, Learning Success Coaches help them set goals and develop strategies to ensure success in their academic courses. 

As an active member of the League of Innovative Schools cohort, ASU Preparatory Academy can continue innovating, expanding, and creating a positive impact for students not only in Arizona but nationally. The 2021-2022 cohort will extend the network’s reach to 125 districts across 34 states, and expand its cumulative impact to 3.8 million students served over time.

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