Beyond brick and mortar: Podcast highlights ASU Prep Digital’s success

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The Learning Accelerator, a national nonprofit, is on a mission to connect teachers and leaders with the knowledge, tools, and networks they need to transform K–12 education. On their “Stories of Learning: Beyond Brick and Mortar” podcast series, they highlight real-world education leaders making effective, equitable, and innovative learning a reality.

Who better to discuss the success of virtual and hybrid learning programs than ASU Prep Digital? Jill Rogier, Head of Schools for ASU Prep Digital, and Betsy Fowler, Head of Schools for ASU Preparatory Academy, were special guests on the podcast, sharing insights on what makes ASU Prep Digital an exemplary educational program.

What sets ASU Prep Digital apart

The podcast episode highlights the integral role played by Learning Success Coaches (LSCs), who are in constant contact with their assigned students, providing guidance and support. This led to the topic of building meaningful staff-student relationships. Rogier explains that thanks to a comprehensive curriculum setup, ASU Prep Digital teachers “can focus more on the incredibly important human side of online learning.” They can foster better student engagement rather than spending time on curriculum development.

On the podcast, Rogier and Fowler highlight how ASU Preparatory Academy programs, including ASU Prep Digital, are also unique in providing an accelerated path to college and careers, offering full-time students the opportunity to take two concurrent courses at Arizona State University per semester, tuition-free. Students save both time and money toward their future college degree!

Listen to the podcast

To hear more about how ASU Prep Digital is transforming K–12 education through its flexible, student-centered approach, tune in to the podcast: Beyond Brick and Mortar: ASU Prep Digital on Building Relationships and Human Connections in Virtual Learning.